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Every little loss counts! #WLCW3

My weight this morning was 68.4kg. I didn't weigh in last week - due to the bank holiday I forgot to get on the scale in the morning, but I doubt if I lost anything much versus the week before. So, total loss since 21st August is 0.7kg (just over a lb). Quite happy with that result, slowly closing in on target of 64kg!

Also in a good mood as I finally did my first parkrun on Saturday and finished in 26:51. My time is so much faster than I expected. It was really good fun to join all those other runners and know I am not mad in taking up the running habit :) Tonight is episode 2 of zombies run! Unfortunately my Polar heart rate monitor went kaput a week ago. I'm waiting on a replacement from Amazon so I can track my exercise calories properly again, but doesn't seem to have impeded my progress too much.

This week my scale also needed a new battery due to overuse these last few months :) I put a new battery in January and since I weigh myself every day it did not last that long!! (daily weigh in just for curiosity. It helps me to see how much fluctuation there is, so I do not go mad when it seems week to week there is little progress).

Have a good week everyone!

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Well done albionjen. Keep up the good work ... and all the exercise.

Good luck this week.



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