Week 2 - Friday morning weigh -in - How are you all doing

So there we are - week 2 of my start again programme- mad bank holiday weekend - followed by huge regatta festival in town - conspires to make me feel like I am holiday - and I am eating and drinking to much. So the score on the door is half a pound shifted - not grand - but still better than nothing.

Head space nearly in the right place - but not until after the weekend :-)


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13 Replies

  • Hi Suzybenj,

    You have done really well - because half a pound is a good weight loss - especially as you commented that you've eaten and drunk more over the week. So very well done!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks lowcal - I will join you monday - to see what the damage is!!!

  • Hi suzybenj

    Well done - it sounds like a challenging week. At least it's weight off and not on. I will also weigh in on Monday - out for a roast on Sunday so will have to limit those potatoes!


  • heh heh - as you say I am relieved no wieght on and a small loss - considering it was self inflicted injuries as it were :-)

  • Yes, but it is so difficult when temptation is there and you can see others just eating away! I struggle with that still and have to remind myself that this is long term but the odd treat is good.

  • I was 11.3 today, not hoping much for Monday, had a few diabetic hypos this week which just add to the calories ( as well as the red wine, gin and tonic and custard donuts)

  • Hi Prin - -hope the hypo's sorting. I have one more party night and then it is hopefully full steam ahead. Catch up Monday with Lowcal

  • Well done you thats 1/2lb less to lose!

  • Too true - another half a pound off today - so i hoping for good news next week. But have BBQ and fireworks tonight - and big family roast dins tmoz....so fear those half pounds will slip back on:-)

  • Hi suzybenj

    I have not wanted to weigh myself but if it's okay with you I will join your weekly weigh in next Friday 6th September and carry on from there. I am abstaining from sugar and including healthier things in my food choice my goal for this week is to increase my exercise even if it a 20 min walk at the end of the day before dinner (3 times per week for now).

  • Hi H2BH- I have been giving my diet an overhaul- and like you want things to be healthier-- My diet isn't unhealthy most of the time. Except when I am bad i am bad and the these holiday weekends are my downfall. Good news on the exercise - it is so good for you _ I do jogging three times a week - and would not give it up as it keeps my mental state calm :-)

    Catch up with you Friday. Have a good week

  • I will join you all on Monday for my first weigh in need to get on track as have had to much naughty things over the last 6 weeks see you all Monday xxx

  • See you there. Enjoy the rest of the weekend

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