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OK, so I was meant to start back at the gym on Monday last week, but didn't. Having got back from holiday on Saturday we've been busy running round Manchester seeing family and still not sorted out the new flat.

So 1st trip back today and

Weight 11st 2.8lbs

BMI 25.97

1 Mile time 10min 42 sec (i have put this in as a measure of my fitness)


Weight 9st 7lbs

BMI in the middle of healthy range

1 mile time <10 mins

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Hi Bunblebeaz,

Good luck with your goals - I like the way you've put your fitness measurement, as it's a good way to assess how you're doing. You're relatively close to your fitness goal already - shouldn't be long!

Hope you have a great week.

Lowcal :-)


Thanks! I speed the treadmill up gradually, it'll take a couple of weeks, and then I can readjust my goal. Ultimately I'm aiming for forces fitness which for my age group is 1.5 miles in 13 min 50 sec


Hi bundlebeaz,

Best laid plans of mice and men, eh?

And you're still riding the weight loss bus - such commitment, well done indeed.

Actually, I've found maintaining my healthy weight (at the top of the healthy range) quite achievable. Though I do keep a close eye on it as I have no intention whatsover of going back to the weight I was, or of getting back into my former daft and unhealthly eating habits.

Good luck with your ongoing weight loss efforts.


Lol Doikosp I am just clearing out my last few larger clothes I have no intention to returning to my old size - always in the past I have hung on BUT NO MORE! so if I put weight on I shall be running round naked! Bunble I admire your goal mine is just to get to 25!


haha, nice one ;p


Thank you! after having 6 weeks off I thought I'd have put on more than I did, so am happy. For me it'd be too easy to let crap food sneak back in as soon as I hit bmi25 and then I'd be overweight again, plus the weight I'd like to be puts me somewhere around the middle of the normal sector.


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