#WLCW2 What activities are you doing?

Have you started to increase your activity levels? Are you managing to achieve 150 minutes of physical activity a week? Let others in the Weight Loss Club know what you're doing.

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  • Yes, managing to achieve 150 minutes of walking - I don't 'do' running or the gym! Last night when I got home from work I wasn't going to be eating for 2 hours, so wanted snacks - instead, I went and cut the grass and by the time I had finished, it was time to cook and eat. That's a definite behaviour change. Off for a walk soon and to stock up on more fruit and veg.

    Good luck all - it's taken me a while to get to this stage, I started off gradually increasing the walking, but it is worth it.

  • Walking for me too. I am looking to start playing badminton once a week with my husband in the next week. I hope as time goes on I can build to 3 sessions a week of different activities.

    I am also on week 4 of Strength and Flex. It has got pretty hard this week!

    Enjoying seeing a change.

  • You can see videos of all the S&F exercises here:


  • Yes I needed to use the video for bench dips which are quite a challenge!

  • I am doing 3 morning swims 20 to 25 mins each, a 45 minute aqua salsa class and 2x30 minute walks. I have arthritic knees so running is out but I try to get a bit of speed up when out walking!! I have also bought a Fitness DVD to do but not looked at it yet.

  • Hallo, I do something very unfashionable. I am working as a cleaner through ill fate in my life and I believe I do enough gymnastics whilst working. I am working as an employed cleaner for 9 hours a week. - And then I walk and ride my bicycle, I add it all in shaping my figur :-D .-

  • Gym 3 times a week, using treadmill, cross trainer, bike. Seasonal - skiing, hiking.

    Will be having a trial caving weekend in November, not sure how aerobic that is tho!

  • Yes started using the wii fit in January, then joined the gym at the end of March, now go to the gym four or five times a week. At the moment my work-out goes like this. Day 1, wave machine 20mins, stepper 20mins rowing machine 20mins, followed by abdominal work, Day two 20mins bicycle, followed by 85mins on toning machines. Day three rest day, I have lost 2stone, but can not get below 9st 7lbs, I'm 5ft 1in, even though I have dropped three dress sizes.

  • I aim to eat off all but my evening meal calories, lot of classes I enjoy, aim for at least 3 of 4 spin, 1 aerobic, 1 of 2 body pump Zumba tone and 1.5 Zumba, a bonus if I do them all (rarely)! I also walk to and from work 4 days, 30 mins each way where I can now just 4lb off goal......... Good luck all YOU CAN DO IT!

  • I run 3 times per week for 30-45 mins. I'm wanting to change one of the runs to a regular 60 min run once per week but fitting in the time is hard! Only managed one 60 min run so far.

    I also go the gym 2 times per week where I do 20 mins on elliptical, 10 mins bike and weight training. After the gym I also go for a 20 min swim as I think it helps my muscles relax and stops injury.

    When I first started lifestyle change in jan this year I just used wii exercise games, which are actually not too bad. Later I decided to branch out to enjoy getting out of the house and use the local facilities more. Local council gym is about 5 mins walk from my house!

    I also walk to and from work, which is about 35 mins each way. That alone would be over 60 mins exercise 5 days a week :) the rest of my exercise is an effort to improve my fitness for things like mountain biking and skiing. So much more fun when you are in shape!

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