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#wlcw4 weigh in time

Not sure if people are posting on the bank holiday but as it is a Monday that means a weigh in for me.

I have a had a good week dropping my calorie intake to 1550 and this has helped me lose 3lbs and has reduced my waist size by half an inch.

After 4 weeks I have lost 9lbs and this week got so,e positive comments from family asking if I had been losing weight which has been great :)

On to wk 4 of the program. Staying strong.

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Hi Natty2013,

Wow, you've done really well. Really nice that your family have noticed.

Hope you have a really good week.

Lowcal :-)


Hi Natty2013,

Well done Natty 2013 - if I have done as well as you after four weeks I will be thrilled !!

3 lbs gone and half an inch off waist is fab! and good for people to notice positively.

Best wishes for the coming week.

Blackpads :-)


That's really good natty2013...well done....its great when people notice too...gives one a spur to carry on!...


Hi Natty 2013

3lbs on week 4 and 9lbs overall is absolutely brilliant. Well done.



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