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Week 4 and still going strong

I've surprised myself with this one, I'm on week four already, had to check which week I was on because time has flown.

Anyway, my Monday morning ritual starts with a weigh in. Lost 2 more lbs! Feeling better but need to decrease some waistline inches now. I've dropped a trouser size but feel a little too uncomfortable with my belly. Best exercises to lose gut? Sit ups, cardio, both? Might join a gym. Just don't like paying for exercise I can do for free by running or cycling. Best diet (sorry, ahem, lifestyle change) I've ever done. Even went shopping for running shoes on Saturday!

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Hi Bikerjohn,

Congratulations on your 2 pound weight loss - that's fantastic. Have you used your running shoes yet? Running is such a great exercise.

Good luck for this week.

Lowcal :-)


No, not yet. But it's the thought that counts isn't it?!


Well the thought definitely helps :-)


Well done bikerjohn - 2lbs off is fab!

Have you thought about the park gyms - most parks seem to have gym equipment at various sites around them now, free to use - you could stop off from your running for a quick session !!

Blackpads :-)


Thanks Blackpads. I've never heard of park gyms before (must lead a sheltered life!) and I'm pretty sure my local park doesn't have any.

That said, I work for the council that thinks mowing the grass in the parks is luxury expense it could do without!


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