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Weight Loss !!

Hi ,

Some time i really go nervous thinking i had gained lot of wieght after my delivery . I am over weight and want to loose it . I had planned to start 5 a day and aerobics from tomorrow , i also want motivation to continue all these so i had joined this site . i hope reading all your tips or experiences i will be motivated :) and loose my wieght in three to four months at least 5 kg , this is the target i had kept .

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Hi Shanbhagg,

Hope you have a great week and achieve your goals. You've set yourself an achievable target and I hope you keep up your movation, and find this site to be helpful.

Lowcal :-)


Yes , Feeling really gr8 today that i had started doing aerobics at home watching video on youtube .


Aerobics is good fun. Great way to exercise. Good that you're feeling gr8 today. :-)

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how do u try to loose your weight ?


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