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Less than 80Kg for the first time in 2 years!!!

Yippeee!!! OK so I'm still 13Kg overweight but I've lost 13Kg so I'm halfway there. Helped enormously by the motivation on this site. Even if I don't post I often read so something somewhere is sinking in. Now very rarely drink alcohol, have really cut down hard on anything with sugar in, having lean meats, veg and fruit and absolutely no, and I do mean no, processed white stuff. My treats are small(ish!) chunks of cheese now and again and about 8 cashew nuts a day.

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Massive congratulations, well done :)


Really well done - that is such a great achievement. I am so pleased for you - trying to regain my dieting head after a very busy summer - so lovley to hear of others success. :-)


Good for you. Its always good to reach a milestone and take stock of all your efforts!


Well done Lyndie123. Keep it up - you should feel really proud. I agree, the motivation that comes from this site is superb.

Have (another) good week.



Hi Lyndie123,

Really good - glad to hear you're half way there, that is certainly something to be proud of.

Hope you have a really good week this week.

Lowcal :-)


Congratulations! Halfway there is amazing - keep it up.

I find it helps to count both in kg and stones so you can celebrate getting under 13st, under 80kg, under 12st etc. :) Love passing those milestones.


Oh and I see I now have an "I did it badge!". Don't know where that came from, but thanks anyway admin people! (I still have about 4-5kg to go to be a healthy weight)


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