#WLCW1 Weight Loss Club now open!

Download the 12-week NHS weight loss plan (www.nhs.uk/weightloss) and start losing weight with other members of the Weight Loss community today (Monday 19 August)!

By starting the plan on the same day, you'll be able to motivate and support each other and share your ups and downs on the Weight Loss forum as you work your way through the 12 weeks.

To help identify your posts, all Weight Loss Club posts to the forum should start with #wlc followed by the relevant week, for example: #wlcw1, #wlcw2, #wlcw3 etc.

The Weight Loss Club kicks off today with the first of our weekly weigh-ins, where members can share their weight loss goals and seek weight loss advice.

Good luck!

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45 Replies

  • Hi

    I had already started on the 12 wk plan but it went completely off track with pesky kids' summer holidays, etc. so I'm hoping that by starting again alongside others, I will get my motivation back.

    Weight today was 12st on the nose.

    Measurements are 40-36-42

    Food - 1200 cals a day and try not to eat anything that isn't natural and keep a food diary on my fitness pal app.

    Exercise - start by walking around the block = 20mins every day.

    Fingers crossed people, here goes and good luck to you all. xx

  • Hi Greengoblin13,

    You can probably take it to 1400kcal a day, based on official NHS guidance.

  • Oh well...here goes.

    16s 1lb 8ozs....

  • Thanks for the advice, I'll bump it up to 1400cals. Do you think this was the reason I haven't lost weight in the past? I know I don't eat a lot and I do exercise, usually in the gym and swim every morning but due to broken arm can't do that at the moment. I'll try it. Thanks x

  • Hi. No I don't think that's the reason you didn't lose weight in the past. By all means stick to 1200kcal/day however NICE guidelines state that to lose weight healthily you should eat 600kcal less than you normally do. For most women, that means sticking to 1400kcal a day. For most men, that means sticking to 1900kcal a day.

  • That's very generalised you cannot state how many calories someone needs without knowing height, age and weight. A 5 ft tall woman of 60 with a small amount of weight to lose will not lose weight on 1400 cals generally while a young tall woman who has a bit more to lose will be better off having more calories as she will be able to stick to it for longer if she is not hungry. The nhs bmi calculator suggests a suitable range of calories based on all factors so does my meal mate app.

  • #wlcw1 This mornings weigh in I am 161lbs. I have been doing the weight loss plan and have lost 6 1/2lbs up to now but stuck at the same for a few weeks. I am definately a tortoise not a hare!! So back to week 1 being careful and honest, I have bought myself a note book to write everything down and use as a journal. Best wishes to all, we can get there.

  • In this context, hare is good!

  • #wlcw3 this is my 3rd week doing the 12 weeks plan and it is going well. On week 1 I started at 243lbs and waist 49.5in and at the beginning of wk3 I weigh in at 237lbs and waist 48in.

    For aerobic exercise I am walking and have completed 150mins each week. For my strength exercise I am following the NHS strength and flex 3 times a week.

    As I hit 6lbs lost today I have bought myself some flowers as a non food reward.

    Lots of luck everyone

  • Well done sounds like you making steady progress and good choices wish I had your discipline

  • #wlcw1 Weighed in at 263lbs (eeekkk!) so here goes, 1400 calorie limit & aiming for 40 mins of exercise four times a week. Got a hen weekend this weekend so not sure how that will work.... ?!

  • Hen weekend? Oooh, that's a tough one!

  • Well done Natty2013! How are you finding strength & flex? I was thinking of trying that too.

  • I really like it. I have just been doing in in the house and garden. I am on week three and can feel the toning coming into my arms, also the flex work is good, can now just about reach my toes with all the calf and ham string stretches! You get some walking in too so I would recommend it.

  • Just starting. Weighed in this morning at 13st 2lbs. Most I've ever been; that's my motivation!

  • #WLC1 Just completed my first 'twelve' weeks, so here's to the next session

    Current weight - 14 st 11 lbs

    Waist measurement - 40 " (struggle to always measure in the same place LOL)

    Aim eventually to be 12 st 7 lbs by August 2014

    Shorter-term aim - 13 st 7 lbs by Monday 23rd December

    So, 18 lbs in 18 weeks

    Calorie intake aim 1400 cals per day

    Exercise - minimum of 150 minutes walking per week

    A two week holiday to come though yet, and 2 weeks out of action after a foot operation expected early in November, so there will definitely be those hurdles I know about - and I am sure, plenty that I don't yet know about.

    Looking forward to the challenge with the support, advice and motivation on this Forum.

    Good luck all.

  • ...starting AGAIN! Thought I should weigh in with a group.

    Weighed in this morning at 138lb. Long term goal is 128lb. Going to do this in time for the Christmas party season!

    Fitness wise I'm doing ok! Stuck to running on treadmill after doing c25k last autumn. Aiming for at least 3x runs (5km each) per week.

    Difficulties: daughters 1st birthday, drinks with partner, bank hol weekend!

    Good luck every1!

  • innerslim,

    You've got bumps in the road ahead! Well at least you can plan accordingly. Regarding your running, have you tried the running podcasts for C25K graduates (http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/c25k/Pages/running-podcast.aspx)?

  • Here are 12 tips for 12 successful weeks:


  • If you've downloaded Week 1, here's some information about how the plan works:


  • Ok 10st 2lb which as I'm 5'3" means a BMI of 25.2. Not desperately overweight but I can tell arthritis is starting so would feel better closer to 9 st. Also carry weight round my middle so guess my risk of type 2 diabetes is increased Good luck everyone

  • Signing in! Let's do this! Lifelong changes. Weight today is 11st10lb. I'd like to loose at least 1st 10lb in 12wks.

  • I'm currently on week 19 of the 12 week plan, it has worked so well for me and I still need to lose more. Today's weight it 11 st 12 (that's 2 stone exactly off when I started) I'm also on week 7 of the c25k which is taking longer than it should cos I can't get out for a run 3 times a week, only 2 unfortunately. I'm nearly there though, and am happy I can run for 25 mins without stopping, which is amazing since the 1st week I struggled to run for 1 minute, I would recommend this programme to anyone.

  • Well done! I'm like you! On week 7! Was on week 8 but holidays/laziness, I'm demoted back a week! I can't believe in week 1 running 60secs was struggle now we can do 25mins ;)

  • #WLCW1

    Started again properly yesterday after 4 weeks off!



    BMI: 25.1

    1400kcals eaten

    Couch 2 5K Week 7 done

    10lb to loose!

  • #wlcw1 started yesterday with 83,7kg and a height of 1,70m, BMI 29,.... I am on medication and am a bit slower at dropping my Pounds. As I am with weight watchers I Need a bit of a Moral boost from all sides available. My dream is to reach 79kg in the beginning, as 81kg was always a hirdle for me I never went below, even being quite hungry then.- I try to be more adaquate with my Food now.- And I have to admit I am eating more than 1400 kcals a day.-

  • im male 68 years old weigh 108 kgs had heart attack ten weeks ago should i be doing a diet?

  • Welcome to the 12 wk plan! I would talk to your GP first. Much better to be safe.

  • ive been told by various doctors and nurses to lose weight and inches around my middle im on a fasting diet at moment and will let you know how i get on

  • I'd check with doctor. This seems like a sensible eating plan and one I think a doctor would recommend, but check first! Good Luck

  • #WLCW1 Hi everyone. I joined yesterday but didn't have time to post. 5ft 7", 14st 6lb. 41" waist. I really need to stick to this as I'm so fed up of buying weight loss/healthy eating books. I'm at the stage where I'm just getting confused now with all the conflicting info. I keep hearing that it's not all about the calories but I'm thinking that at least this way I'm watching portion sizes. I do try to eat healthy/unprocessed food but I'm a bit too fond of the old vino.

  • I've been on this plan for 2 days. I've eaten quite a bit of chocolate but I'm counting it as part of my 1400kcals so that's my justification.

    I know what you mean about different plans. I've done a few. This one seems to work as its simple...eat a certain amount of calories,,loose weight, unlike weigh watchers and slimming world with free foods, points, sins. I'm hoping simple calorie counting will work. Good luck

  • WLCW1 Hello My weight on Monday was 16st 1lb @ 5ft 6 tall.I have various health issues and take steroids immunosuppressents for a lung problem, angina meds, blood pressure meds, type2 diabetes meds, antideppressant, and inhalers. I have very little exercise tolerance but I start a pulmonary rehab course in 2 weeks. I look like a barrel on 2 toothpicks. I want to turn this around and lose 4st over the year by losing 1-2lbs per week. so this 12 weeks are a kick start. Portion control is my problem and huger pangs 2hrs after a good sized meal, blood glucose is not low when I feel like this and can be 12-18 when tested. because of my multiple health problems doctors not keen to give support or constructive advice, I don't blame them. I hope to be encouraged and supported here. so thank you in anticipation.

  • Hi everyone!

    I hope I can join too, although I'm not really starting the NHS 12 week plan at this point as I've been on this lifestyle change bus since January this year :) However, I reckon 12 weeks from now is a good challenge for to make it to my goal weight. Fingers crossed I will manage to get there by then, since I know the last bit can be slow going.

    My Stats:

    Starting weight 88.9kg, BMI 34.7 (jan 2013)

    Current weight 69.1kg, BMI 27 (21st August)

    Goal weight 64kg, BMI 25

    I might make another goal to get down to 60kg to be comfortably within "healthy weight" but I will see how i feel when I get to my first goal. I'm actually already feeling pretty healthy compared to how I felt in January this year.

    Good luck everyone and have a good week.

    P.s. I've also done couch to 5 k and would really recommend it. I too was struggling even to run for 1 or 2 mins at the beginning. But today I went for a 60 mins run, having graduated at the end of July.

  • #WlCw2: I think you are having Bank Holiday Monday today do you?

    I was this morning with 83kg after lots of veg and still some fatty meats this last week. But I believe I get the hang of slimming again. Thank you to you All for being there :-)

  • how to become a member of it

  • I only weigh myself on Monday's but they are doing a refit at the gym I use but last time I weighed myself I was 11st 8lbs which means I have lost half a stone in about 2 months not a lot but stress and the tablets I on do not help.

  • #WLCW1 just starting the 12 week plan, looking to lose weight and improve my fitness weight today is 10st1/2lb.

  • Hi alimar63,

    For today's Weight Loss Club discussion click on the link here:


  • #wlcw1

    I have started on the 12 week journey today and I'm using the 'My Meal Mate' app recommended for a food diary. A good day - only 1240 calories consumed of the 1400! I have lots and lots of weight to lose - I am ashamed to say that I am 15 stone 10 with a BMI of 38, but I am determined to change my mindset about food and get eating under control. My plan is to have a fruit and yoghurt or porridge and fruit breakfast, a light lunch with more fruit and a more normal evening meal with my family. I am looking forward more than anything to changing my habits and attitude about food. Good luck everyone.

  • Hi I've just joined and I thought we might be diet buddies as I weigh the same as you and I would probably eat the same as you said in your diet plan. I reckon it will take us a lot longer than 12 weeks but we could motivate each other. ???

  • #wlcw1 - 14stone 2lb , 5ft 6 and BMI 31.8, definately want to loose my stomach fat and loose at least 2 stone, but setting small goals to make sure i dont get disheartened along the way and give up! I am aiming for 2lb a week if possible, hopefully 2 stone by the summer. :)

  • #wlcw1 started 12week plan today start weight 12st13lbs. wishing everyone good luck on this 12week journey.

  • Hi

    I weighed myself yesterday, 15st9lbs . Been dieting on and off for 45 years I think I need to make lifestyle changes to lose the weight and more importantly keep it off. Exercise is difficult because of arthrtis in my knees however I feel motivated as I know I will be in less pain if I weigh less. I want to be 10stone.

  • As of today I'm 16-5 😊 Smiley face is t because I am 16-5, it's because I was 17-7 😀

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