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60 Day Measurements Happy but stressed

Hi guys this month has went really well; but i've went from being really happy to stressed. Im happy with the results but i'm am now stressed as I have been told I have a good chance I have Celiac disease/ Gluten intolerance as well as my under active thyroid. Going for blood tests on monday. Curve balls just seem to be keep thrown at me. Ive got my fingers crossed i don't have it...Anyways rant over.

I have had a few treats but i've been feeling great and have upped my training. Ive been Doing weights, wifit, yoga, biking 10 -20 mins, alot of walking i'm up to well over and hour a day, and this great work out dvd 'Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition: The Workout' by chris powell, down side it is region 1 so needed a multi region dvd player. But its great up to level 2 (30 mins). Here are my results

Day 60 Measurements

Total Exercise for the month = 62 hrs 5 mins

Bust relaxed-50 Deep Breath - 51 = 3 inch loss

Hip-45 3/4 = 2 inch loss

waist- 43 1/4 = 2 1/4 inch loss

Belly button 48 1/2 = 2 inch loss

Thigh( thick joggers) - 23 3/4 = 3/4 inch loss

Weight -15 stone = 12 pound loss

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You've done really well! That's a good weight loss for 60 days and the inch loss is fantastic too.

Hopefully you don't have it coeliac disease. I have my fingers crossed for you too. The one positive is that, if you have coelic disease, going gluten free will probably make quite a big difference to you. Even if you don't have coeliac disease (and hopefully you don't) cutting down gluten (particularly wheat gluten) seems to help quite a few hypothyroid patients (anecdotal). I don't think I have coeliac but I am definitely better when I am avoiding wheat. I am hypothyroid too.

Well, fingers crossed for you. Hopefully it's not coeliac!

All the very best for the next 60 days :)

Carolyn x


Thanks for support :), a family member was diagnosed coeliac,a few weeks ago I'm watching them making changes and i feel its going to be hard as I'm vegietrian. I'll also be devistated if I have it as it stops my with my career choice. Everything is riding on this blood test


I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you xxx


Sorry to hear you are worried about a diagnosis of coeliac disease. I am wondering how it would interfere with your career choice?

I've been gluten free for over 10 years now and am the healthiest I have ever been. If you need advice and support have a look at Gluten Free Guerillas on the Health Unlocked communities. If you do have to go gluten free try not to buy the supermarket processed "gluten free" food, it's loaded with sugar and fat.

Good luck mellowmel.


hi penel thanks for your advise, 2 years ago before my thyroid started effecting me I was training to be in the army/ military police now these last few months i've got my thyroid in check, began training again, They've told me I cant go on active duty if i have coeliac disease as they dont/ wont cater for it. so I'm hoping beyond hope I don't have it but if i do I'll gladly take any advise you can give me on board thanks again


I'm very sorry to hear that the army can't cope with coeliac disease. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.


Well done with the weight loss if you need any info on coeliac disease, there is some good info here: nhs.uk/conditions/coeliac-d...


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