Launching next Monday: NHS Weight Loss Club

Download the 12-week NHS weight loss plan ( and start losing weight with other members of the Weight Loss community on Monday 19 August.

By starting the plan on the same day, you'll be able to motivate and support each other and share your ups and downs on the Weight Loss forum as you work your way through the 12 weeks.

To help identify your posts, all Weight Loss Club posts to the forum should start with #wlc followed by the relevant week, for example: #wlcw1, #wlcw2, #wlcw3 etc.

The Weight Loss Club kicks off on Monday 19 August at 10am with the first of our weekly weigh-ins, where members can share their weight loss goals and seek weight loss advice.

Spread the word! Recruit friends and family!

For more information, feel free to drop me a line.

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28 Replies

  • There I was, sitting here, thinking I need to get my willpower and my mojo sorted, and this pops up. Serendipity or what. Count me in!!

  • Aha! Just in time for me to get back on the wagon after holiday :D

  • Good - like bunblebeaz, just in time for me. Completing the first 12 weeks this weekend and ready to start again! Will be at work so can't do 10 am though.

  • I'm in.....going to enjoy my weekend at V Festival and then start making the right choices from Monday ;-) I've never lasted 12 weeks before #+ve #wlc

  • You can join in at any point on Monday. The main thing is to start on Monday so you're all in sync!

  • Hi, quick ? I am obviously signed up on here. Am I meant to register my weight anywhere or sign up to anything else to join in with #WLC?

  • Count me in. I have started my own diet on week 4 now. Love to have a team and to weight in . How do we weight in. ?

  • Yay I will be joining, just in time as me and my hubby and his parents all started a diet this Monday just gone so this will be the willpower I need, thank you xx

  • If you haven't already, why not limber up for Monday by checking out the NHS Choices weight loss guide section

    And remember to spread the word about Monday!

  • Yes I'm in, 14lbs to get to goal, looking forward to Mondays weigh in.

  • I started the 12 week program 2 weeks ago and am still going so on Monday it will be the start of week 3. Hope that's not a problem as having extra motivation and being part of a group would be great for me. Will be online on Monday.

  • Im in......

  • I'm in...

  • I'm in. Tried to do it myself but need focus and structure and support. Hear from you all at some point on Monday. Good luck everybody. xx

  • I'm in. Tried to do it myself but need focus and structure and support. Hear from you all at some point on Monday. Good luck everybody. xx

  • Sounds like a plan I'm in!

  • Just marking my spot for this. Looking forward to weighing in tomorrow morning after a very indulgent weekend :-/

  • I will try to be in it as well, tomorrow, but only after 11am. I don't have a Printer to print out the tables though. But I am with weight watchers and Need a boost in my attitude. TA! For having me!

  • Yep, count me in....

  • O.k I'll give it a go as from next Monday.

  • I only joined last night, so I am actually just on day two of week1 - I would like to join in but not put off of starting again next week - what shall I do?

  • Yes please, I'm ready to start next week. Just what I need.

  • I am presently doing Slimming World at the moment but things have slowed down at the moment and my weight this week has suddenly shot up for some reason. I managed to lose just short of a stone in 12 weeks, on a referral. I am thinking that if I don't lose weight in the next few weeks then I my do the NHS 12 week diet but I have looked at it and am not sure how it works and what I would need to do. Can you give me some idea of how it works

  • Hi Bubbles, unfortunately you've found a 2yr old thread and are very unlikely to get a response from The Editor :)

    Here's a link to our welcome newbies thread, which is full of great tips to get you started

    The latest thread for the Around the World vhallenge is

    We'd love you to join us at the monday group weigh-in and the challenge, whether you decide to stay with SW, or start on the NHS 12 week plan.

    The 12 week plan is designed to show you how to eat and exercise healthily for life. It's about counting calories, portion control, choosing healthier options and becoming more mindful about the way you eat and exercise.

    It's simple to follow and gives step by step guidance. I hope this helps :)

    All the best :)

  • I would love to join this plan count me in 😃

  • I would love to start over! I will do this and be better at it than I have been lately. not sure of the time difference, if you could let me know so I could be in the weigh in with everyone else? it is 120am here now in Texas, so if you could tell me the difference? I want to be there and do this thing right!

  • I would like to join in for the 12 weeks, just need to know how to weigh in 😀

  • Hi alimar63

    This is a really old thread. I will tag a current administrator who will point you in the right direction Anna61 (Thanks) xx

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