Underweight Health Risks ~ Weight Loss => bit.ly/13C1ZKy

Underweight Health Risks ~ Weight Loss => http://bit.ly/13C1ZKy

Underweight a Considerable Risk For Your Health

risks of underweightUnderweight is an often underestimated risk for your health. From experts those people’s digestion is called “metabolically inefficient”. They must eat a lot constantly to hold their weight. With stress or illnesses like stomach gastroenteritis the affected persons easily loses several kilo grammes and are threatened by serious health issues.... Underweight Health Risks ~ Weight Loss => bit.ly/13C1ZKy


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  • Hi Alex Flan,

    For sure underweight is a significant health risk.

    So is overweight. And, for that matter, so can be sustained rapid weight loss - which is why people are recommended to lose weight at a sensible and moderate rate of 1 to 2 lb a week (averaged out) or a maximum of 1 kg a week (2.2 lb) - again averaged out.

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