Anyone else had an email from Abhimanyu promoting Herbalife? I personally think things like that should be banned from sites like these...taking advantage of people. I've had advice from health care professionals about meals replacements like these, and they advise against them. Please stick to the understanding of food and exercise to lose weight safely.


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  • I've had two and I've only been on here for 3 days!

    I agree, taking advantage.

  • Was that an email or a personal message on here? If it was an email, how did they get your email? And that needs to be reported asap!

    I haven't had such an email (yet!) but he did post selling Herbalife on here last week. I submitted an abuse report because I felt it was inappropriately taking advantage, like you say. I haven't heard anything back from the admins though so I don't know if anything was sorted out. Admins can ask HU to actually ban someone rather than just restricting them, or at least they used to before the 'improvements'.

  • The post has been removed but he really ought to be restricted too if he is bothering members with messages. Have you tried reporting it to the admins?

  • Sorry, it was a message on here, I call everything emails lol. How do I report to admin? X

  • It would probably be best to go to their page and message them as there is no 'report' facility on messages (a bit of an oversight). You could also add them to the message that you were sent. At least I think you can add people.

  • I can do it if you like. I'll add you into the message.

  • Aw could you,thanks x

  • I have done it. You should be able to see it in your inbox now. Feel free to add your own message for them. It would probably be useful if you could cut and paste the contents of the message for them to see :)

  • Hi Folks,

    If members of this site are sending inappropriate messages, or using the site for commercial gain, then I would suggest you contact the site admin and express your concerns.

    As for Herbalife, my concern about it - as with many "diet" products - is what do you do when you've reached your target weight. Keep eating their brand of meals/shakes for the rest of your life?

    I mean, if you use such products, you probably need to ask yourself if you are using them to avoid changing your eating habits from the ones that caused you to get overweight in the first place.

    My view is that it is generally better to just take control of the food you're eating - and that includes the what, when, how much and how often. It's those changed habits that will keep you on track once you've lost your excess weight.

    Good luck with your weight loss journeys.

  • I already reported this yesterday but have had no response yet. I also reported a post by this person clearly advertising the product last week, which has been removed. I'm sure the admins will take the appropriate action in due course :)

  • I've had the same message.

  • I've just had the same message twice. Not happy.

  • i suffer from IBS and my doctor is loving the results ive got from herbalife

    going into the gross bits but as a child i was given fibrogel and laxatives they made me ill

    as a teenager i starved myself to avoid neeing to go to the toilet and endup up forever going to the loo when i did eat

    as a mum i had to manually evacuate or end up in the hospital i was prescribed lactulose suppositries moviol buscopan to name a few and a substance called sodium picosulphate a little known liquid used only in extreme cases and generally for a maximum of a few days i was on it for 4 years desperate to try and be normal i started using hime enema kits which to an extent worked but for most of the last 12 years i maintained my ibs by limiting my food intake and just living with it.

    i looked into alot of meal replacement foods but most of them are full of sugar and salt and have very little in the way of nutritional value the supplements they advise you to take alongside tend to be laxative in some form or other and the so called foods they recommend a very limiting calorie controlled diet

    the good thing about the herbalife is the fact they have a comprehensive list of ingredients and follow all the eu guidlenies for RDA limits etc and offer a money back guarantee so if youre not happy you can get your money back, i personally have never felt happier my depression has greatley improved as has my complete general health and well being, not to mention the weight loss which has been regular and not excessive. I did try lots of options of healthy eating before this and trust me my weight issues are not alot to do with overeating or poor lifestyle in fact ive always ae extremely healthy but unfortunately my body cannot cope with digesting food and absorbing nutrients

    yes i am a registered distributor but I have no customers as such i just enjoy the benefit of the discount that i get for myself and family and friends, my children also drink the shakes as like me they struggle to have breakfast and i know they are at least getting something in the mornings and my doctor and nutritionist at the hospital are very happy with my progress i can now achieve most days 1200calories compared to my previous lifestyle of maybe an average of about 800 a day say three times a week and starving myself others i now have 3 regular meals a day plus snacks compared to maybe two meals a day then nothing for 3 days etc

    i will say i do think its very irresponsible of the user you mentioned and personally their tactics go against everything that herbalife stands for and their licence to sell as a distributor could be revoked for such activities

  • very true some people do tend to be stuck relying on meal replacement products but primarily this is due to the fact they cant or wont stick to a balanced diet, ive now found that i am intolerent of dairy wheat starch so probably a big reason why ive struggled with my ibs although i was tested several times in the past and never showed up

    tbh i personally would rather rely on shakes which i actually enjoy over the medicine cabinet ive pretty much relyed on most of my life, the biggest thing id say though about my diet now that ive noticed more than anything is because ive cut out pretty much all processed foods for so long now and lived off my meat 5 a day and nuts i really really dont like any of it now my taste buds have completely changed and apart from chocolate at that time of the month i really cant stomach any of it, thought id treat myself to a chinese last week from my favourite takeaway after a few mouthfuls quickly realised i really didnt like it anymore kids loved it though they were well chuffed, ill stick to my homemade curries and rottis instead :)

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