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Only day 2 and energy low

I'm only on day 2 and I've found I'm really low on energy as is my mood in general.

I'm putting this down to still nursing a cold having got over the worst of it. I've been out cycling as well as cycling to work today but felt so tired I got my partner to pick me up in the car. On day one I kept well within the calorie limit - taking into account my cycling jaunt and a thirty minute walk with the kids in the evening but today I've eaten more than I should - only an extra 50 calories but still in the wrong direction.

My question is, is this normal? Or is my assumption of nursing a cold and suddenly taking more exercise along with a calorie intake drop correct?

Has anyone else experienced anything similar? It hasn't dampened my enthusiasm for the plan I'm just wondering if I should have waited for the cold to fully abate before doing more and consuming less.

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Hi bikerjohn,

The body functions of appetite, satiation, storing fat and burning fat are controlled, like most other functions, by hormones. And your hormones can react to an infection by focussing efforts onto dealing with the infection, rather than dealing with weight loss. That's all part of the 'blips and spurts' of a weight loss journey.

Other things that can cause a wobble are sleeplessness, high or low sugar levels, alcohol, stress - to name just a few.

That's why people do need to remember that human weight and human weight loss are not mathematicaly perfect things.

Overall the name of the game is to eat a reduced calorie intake compared to your body's requirements (factoring in the amount of exercise/activity you do and your current body weight) and try to persuade your body to burn off some of your excess body fat along with the glycogen it uses up to power your dailly activities, i.e use the fat as part of the energy your body uses on a day to day basis.

And to do that whilst still eating healthily and getting a full range of nutrients.

Good luck with your weight loss journey.



My energy levels have been down lately but I find that reading people's posts and questions really helps to motivate me to keep going! It has also been suggested that I write a list of why I want to lose weight and the benefits that will occur because of this. Why don't you give this a go?

All the best,



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