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Still on target - it's working for me!

Four weeks ago I set myself the goal of 28 lbs in 24 weeks (in other words, lose 2 stone before Christmas). I am pleased to say I am still on target - 4 weeks in, 9 lbs gone. It has not been easy but setting the goal is working for me - I find I am making more informed choices rather than thinking 'that won't hurt just this once'. This time has included 5 nights away. Definitely feeling better for it, finding I can fit into clothes that have been at the back of the wardrobe. Now, just need to fit a dress for my Grandaughter's Christening at the end of this month.

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Hi Angel

CONGRATULATIONS!!! WELL DONE!! You are an inspiration to us all!

Keep up the good work, take care and angel blessings xx


Thank you mitzymoo - it works all ways! Lots on here are an inspiration to me as well.


well done bispers :-) its great when you can fit in clothes that you haven't worn for a while again!


Thanks vonnyliz - it is exciting!


Hi bispers,

Well done. Now whilst it "hasn't been easy", it hasn't really been that hard either has it?

I mean, as you get into the new habits, you find your tastes change and those "new" habits increasinglyl become just your normal ones.

And, oh, doesn't it feel good as your body gets slimmer and lighter?

Good luck with your continued weight loss journey.


Hi Doikosp

Good to see you again on here. Thank you! You sum it up well, it hasn't been easy but it hasn't been that hard either - small changes soon mount up.

The new habits are definitely worth it and the increased energy and motivation good reminders and encouragement for me.

Also, mentally, I feel so much better for making healthier choices - knowing that I can do it and want to do it.

I doubt I would have achieved this much so far without the support of everyone on this site, so as I always say - thank you all and good luck with your personal journeys.


Brilliant news! Keep going and you will go to the ball x


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