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Feeling ashamed and shocked!

Hi, I'm new to this. I've known I have been carrying a "few extra pounds" but was shocked to discover on Friday (when I had a Dr's app) that my BMI is currently 35.7 putting me in the obese category!! Have tried loosing weight in the past but without much success (and very little effort!). I am very serious this time - I don't want to feel ashamed of myself and need to do this but know I will need some support along the way from like minded people. Have just ordered myself a running machine - I can do this (I hope!) In the long run needing to loose approx. 4 stone. I'm only 5ft 2 and currently weigh 13st 9.8lb. Yikes!

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I bought a treadmill last January after years of debating - will I use it, wont I , am I wasting money etc etc and I must confess it has been brilliant.

I finished the NHS Couch to 5 k program a few weeks ago and have gone on to running regularly outdoors . Go for it, and enijoy the success you are sure to have :) good luck


Hi and well done for wanting to make a change.

Have a look at the NHS couch 2 5 k site which has a great programme to get running and there is a great community to inspire you!

Dont think of it as 4 st to lose, that might seem a bit daunting...having been there, i know it is :)

Try breaking it down into managable chunks, make your first goal 13st and so on.

It is totally doable...have faith and good luck :)


Hi Deblou,

I use a running machine at the gym, and find it to be an excellent way to exercise. It has also encouraged me to try running outside as well. I run between 3km and 5km per session, about three to four times a week, and I really enjoy it. I used to wonder what people found enjoyable about running years ago - when I'd not tried it myself, and have to say I am completely converted and a fan now.

I think it's great that you've ordered yourself a running machine to use at home. Hope it arrives really soon, so you can start enjoying it.

Lowcal :-)


Hi Deblou,

Please dont feel ashamed or shocked! No one is perfect. At least you are doing something about your weight. Im helping my partner to lose a lot of weight, about 6 stones, and we are taking it very slowly. He has already lost just over half a stone.His BMI is higher than yours, but is coming down as the weight goes off. You will get there with sensible eating, we have just cut down on all our portoins, adding lots of extra veg instead. He has even started comparing calories now when we do a shop, something I never thought I would see! Good luck, chin up.. you can and will do it!!! x


Hi Deblou - you mustn't feel ashamed. Accept this is where you are now but you are aware that you need and you want to change. Accepting it is an important first step.

There is plenty of support on this forum - inspirational posts as well as those when we all need encouragement - and from a personal point of view, the support is what has kept me going.

I lost around 4 stone several years ago - and put it all back on, and of course more. Now, it is coming off again. I've set myself a medium term goal, and after suggesions on here, intermediate ones, with small 'rewards'.

You need to remember this will be a journey. Life continues, so there will be ups and downs, but you will soon notice changes in the way you feel. I hope you will find those changes worthwhile and encouraging.

Well done for starting - by the way, I don't have a running machine, I just walk, and that works for me. So good luck - and enjoy the new machine.


Thank you all for your words of encouragement - I know its a long journey but I'm determined to get there this time.


Hey I'm shorter than you, got the same amount to loose. I've used my gp. Nhs website. Cut the fat podcast. Check them out for starters. Maybe they can help.


You will the support here is great we have a monday weigh in too so hear from you next week I hope!


Well done for making a start - you should feel proud to have made a positive decision to tackle your weight.

I was in almost the exactly the same situation in January 2013. My weight was 14 st, which at only 5ft 3 put my BMI at around 35. I was somewhat in denial about how overweight I had become and it was really hard to face up to the fact that I was seriously obese and needed to do something about my weight ASAP before I managed to permanently damage my health. I am only 30 yrs old but I realised that with the way I was going I was setting myself up to face serious health issues (joint problems, heart disease being the ones I was most worried about). So, congrats for taking that difficult step.

I'm happy to say I am now down to 11st 1lb and feeling about a thousand times better. My target at the beginning was not to lose 4 st, but just to lose the 2 st I needed to get out of the obese category. When I made that target I thought I would aim for a "healthy" BMI which meant losing another 2st. Once I get to that target (10 st) I will see how I feel and whether I want to lose any more weight or am happy with where I am at. Already I have so much more energy than I used to have, feeling in a better mood, sleeping better, there is a pretty long list of the benefits :)

I (and others posting on this site) am living proof that it is really possible to go from obese to healthy BMI by eating less and exercising more. No fad diets, or weird pills needed just perserverence in sticking to the lifestlye changes and patience when the scale does not show results that week. I am sure a few months from now you will be posting to share your sucess!

I would also recommend couch to 5k. I have found it really good fun and the progression week to week is just right to be a bit challenging but not too impossible. If you are already a runner you might find the beginning a bit simple and be warned there is very cheesy music on the NHS podcast :)

For keeping track of calories I use a free website myfitnesspal.com/

There is also a myfittnesspal app for smartphone / ipad that synchs with the site.

Best wishes and happy running!



Thank you so much for your words of encouragement - it means a lot. I have got off to a good start today and eagerly await my treadmill delivery. Did you join any weight watchers/slimming world clubs at all? I am also seriously worried about the health issues with my current weight - and although I knew it was the kick up the bum I needed when my GP said. I'm looking forward to being able to share my successes. Congratulations to you on your loss - well done!


Thanks for your reply. I guess in some ways it is good to get a bit of a scare if it kick starts the motivation to change.

I haven't joined any clubs myself. Instead I just read up on all the healthy eating advice on NHS website and in the 12 week plan and applied what I already knew. Even when I was gaining weight I mostly knew what I was doing wrong - basically portions far too large and drinking too much alcohol when I went out with friends. I just couldn't manage to actually make a change for the better for some reason. I had loads of excuses at the time (work too busy, stress) but now I can't really figure out why I let my bad habits stick around for so long!

One of my friends does go to slimming world and finds that really helpful, so if you are interested it might be worth giving it a try. Her mum lost a load of weight through that club and has managed to keep it off for many years so it definitely works for some people. I think I would find it too restrictive and prefer to make a healthy lifestyle plan that fits in with my way of doing things. E.g. I am usually busy at work so I have a good balanced breakfast and dinner but just fruit salad for lunch and I am aware that some slimming clubs would be horrified at that :)

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Hi Deblou,

I became a full-time Carer in January 2010, suffered a Breakdown in, 2011, and ruptured my Achilies Tendon in 2012, over this time had gradually started to gain weight, On 7th January 2013, I weighed 11st 4lbs, I had reached rock bottom. I stumbled a upon this site, and have never looked back. I started using the Nintendo Wii, I joined the my local gym on a prescription from the doctor. (I pay £12.60 a month). I'm now in the gym at 7am four or five times a week, I now have conversations with fellow gym members. I get home around 9:00am, where I take-up my caring duties, but my depression is beginning to lift, I've lost almost 2 stone, 9st 7lbs, have gone down a whole dress size, and life is feeling good again. I couldn't of done it with out all the support I have received on this site.

Welcome to HealthUnlocked and wish you all the best on your weight loss journey.


Hi all

Today I have decided to change my life, change my self and start to love My self

I have a very long way to go around 100kg.

I just can not say to my self ohh I start tomorrow, one more chocolate, one more kebab

one more mc Donalds nooo more from now

I want to learn to dance, play football like I used to play all sports

run the London marathon but more importantly to become healthy.

High bp,High diabetics back pain fed up of being a useless person.

Time to learn to love my self and let others love me back.





Hi deblou,

Firstly, please don't feel ashamed. The fact of the matter is that for many folk on this site, the weight just sneaked up on them until something made them realise they had to do something about it.

And I guess, for you, it's that 'point of realisation'. Time to get on the weight loss bus and take control of your eating - what you eat, how much and how often - and get your body weight (and percentage fat) under control.

There's loads of good and free advice on the NHS Live well lose weight pages and they#re well worth read - and a free 12 week plan.

Take your time, an average of 1 to 2 lb a week or so, is a fine rate of weight loss.

As for four stone - well I'm probably a bit taller than you, but I lost a bit over that in about six months.

So you have a target - how about setting yourself some milestones / mini-targets too, to tick off as you go?

Next step is just to get on and do it.

Good luck with your weight loss journey.


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