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The Start

Well I have started this diet and just completed week one. the first week is alway hell as your body ajusts to the new calorie in take, the reward though is alway the best weight loss. I started at 17st 8ibs and have just finished at 17st 2ibs this is grate and I have had no stress. I have not set my self a wait target mainly because I do not wish to be stressed about it, but I have set in mind that I will eat up to my limit in calories and try to eat healthy. As I have been on many loose weight fast diets that in the long term have not worked I have set in my mind that this will take me a year to get to a health weight. I hope this forum will help me keep on track.

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That's an excellent start, well done, onwards and upwards, or downwards in this case.

Best of Luck.


What a great start! Well done :)


Hi Spud49,

Brilliant start, and great to hear you're feeling positive. Enjoy the week, and best of luck with your goals. You're on the path towards positive change.

Best wishes,

Lowcal :-)


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