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Hi all, newbie here... with a couple questions


So after having ignored my weight and health for 8 years I decided it was time to get fit again. I first started running (with couch to 5k program) but that has not helped much in terms of weight loss. I attribute it to the fact that I still eat a lot of fatty food, sweets and ice-cream (its summer!).

A bit about myself - 5'7", 23 years old (male), 101Kg :( BMI says I am obese and I guess my target is to reduce about 30-35Kg or about 5.5 stones. So my target weight is 65-70kg. I am not sure how long this will take but I am sure it will take time to undo 8 years of damage (I don't regret it tho, I enjoyed my student life :D but I am sure I will if I don't do anything about it).

So now for the questions:

I run for exercise, 3 times a week. Do I need to do anymore or what did all of you do when u started?

Are people part of any slimming clubs?

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