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boo :(

so ive had a bad week and had a few days of eating carbs and its nearly the time of the month, my ibs has kicked in and im feeling bloated sick and stomach in agony :( i made a massive pot of mince n tottie soup and a large chicken pasta bake which me and the family been tucking into all week along with side salads and veg, figured id have a week of bringing in carbs to try up my metabolism a bit. Decided to jump on scales in work with one of my colleagues and in a week i have managed to gain 7lbs as well in the bargain ! does anyone know of any supplements that help the body break down carbs or should i just go back to avoiding them completely ?

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I've had problems with IBS in the past. I'd reduce right down on carbs for a good while to see if that helps. Increase on fibre as well. That should all help your IBS. I wouldn't take it out completely but I'd stick to mybe simple carbs like potatoes, sweet potatoes, suede that kind of thing. It could also be portion sizes. I'm no expert however, just that from past experience with IBS doing this helped me dramatically.


It's all a balancing act! You need to find the level of carbs that work for you. I don't know of any supplements that break down carbs, but if they are anything like Orlistat, the results will be very unpleasant.

I agree with Thinlizzie, try cutting down on the processed carbs but keep the high fibre ones in, like the root veg. And remember to drink enough water. Hope it works for you.

I find this site is very useful as I can't eat anything with gluten in.



Ive been told that cornflakes and rice krispies are good to eat.for ibs. I find that ready meals upset my stomach.wheat is a no no...and junk food in general...is not good..toast sometimes is good...eating healthy is the best way ...and homemade meals...eating less helps the stomach..


thanks for the replies, i resulted to eating dairy and highly spiced foods last week and putting aloe gel in my water in abundance, and eventually manage to get everything working again but the dairy also lef me with a whopper migraine to top it off. I feel at this moment ill never find a proper balance in keeping myself regular. at least the buscopan helped somewhat with the cramps and i didnt result to heavy doses of medication to relieve everything, i certainly feel like when i was younger the fact that no one would speak about such things made it impossible for me to live with, i was pumped full of tablets lactulose and some really horrific medicines when i was younger and feel they didnt help my body but made me reliant on them. i love the fact ive always fed my kids a varied and healthier diet than what i was brought up with and thankfully they are daily-several times a day, and we talk openly about the bowels in our house but so many of my friends are now experiencing problems with their kids and resorting to medicines and their kids are getting fussy about foods and eating all the crap of the day. does anyone agree that more and more issues are appearing in younger children and a wider scope of the population because of processed foods combined with our embarassment of talking openly ?


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