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Week 6 Complete,Week 7 starting ;-)


I have been on this programme for 6 weeks and lost 13lb in total. Im feeling really good about the weight loss but im struggling to carry on needing more motiavtion and cant seem to get the motivation i need. I have done really well. Im still doing the gym and water arobics every day. Ive not been feeling myself lately and asking if anyone can make suggestion on how i can push my self through this rut !!

Tart :-(

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Hi Tart

I hope that by the time you read this you are feeling a bit brighter. Its horrible to go through these sort of slumps but most of us do. Can I suggest that maybe your blood sugar is just a little low? I am no expert but I know that I get mighty grumpy of I get overly hungry. I am not advising you to break your good habits but maybe a little something not toooo naughty might help? My personal favorite is a Solero - 94 calories and it seems to hot the spot when desperate.

As regards motivation, the only person who can provide this is you - look at what you have achieved, look at how much more you can achieve.

I think your weight loss achievement is just fantastic I would love to have lost that amount of weight over the last 6 weeks!

all the best


Hi Tart,

Well done - you're so close to a whole stone, and that's incredible in 6 weeks. Well done you!!!

I hope you're feeling a bit more positive today. Hopefully you're enjoying the day and enjoying your new slimmer self.

I was wondering if you might be overdoing the exercise a bit, in terms of perhaps doing it 'every' day? I usually ensure I have a day off a week from exercising, in order to let my body 'recover'. You mentioned that you do the gym and water aerobics every day. Just a thought.

Good luck with this week. Hope you feel in better spirits really soon.

Best wishes,

Lowcal :-)


Well done, I usually use clothing that is a little tight as a motivation........if you don't have anything buy something new!


Hang on in there - hope yesterday was a better day.

You've done so well so far, so remember what you have achieved. What would have happened if you hadn't embarked on the healthy eating? Would your weight still be creeping up? Be proud of your achievements so far.

I agree with the other posts - allow yourself a treat (mine are yogurt coated raisins instead of chocolate and for pudding, a home made meringue (at 52 cals only!). Also, have a short break from all the exercise - even just a day can help renew the enthusiasm. What about non-food treats? A massage, facial - as rewards, as non cost rewards - reading a book for an hour, looking at old photos (will remind you why you are doing this and again, how far you have come).

Your motivation will come back - see it as a little test which you can pass. We all have these blips - and we know the support from others is such a tremendous help.

Good luck.


Congratulations on your weight loss! You've done really well :)

I was wondering in what way you were not feeling yourself lately. It could be blood sugar, like Lingmell says, but it also may be that you need more iron or B vitamins. It won't hurt to take a B vitamin complex. B vitamins are important for energy release. B12 is particularly important for this and something a lot of people tend to be low in. It's certainly something worth looking into. I feel very much better since taking them. It's best to check your iron before taking more. It's not good to take more if you don't need it. Ferritin (stored iron) is particularly important and recent research shows that people with a ferritin level below 50 often benefit from iron supplements.

Keep up the great work! You can do this! Maybe look at some new recipes or exercise programmes. Set yourself a small, achievable goal that you can reach in a few weeks. Maybe treat yourself to a new workout DVD or promise yourself some new clothes or other non-food treat when you reach a certain (small) goal. You are doing really well and I know you can lose the rest :)

Carolyn x


Hi Tart,

Your weight loss is brilliant, soo well done! What diet are you following, what are you eating daily.x


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