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Hi All, I have only just discovered this site and need to lose 40 pounds as am very unhappy with the way that I look.. Please give me some tips and recipes :)

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I was always big person until coming back maternity leave.i have seen at least 6 people lost weight in my work place.i started doing it as well.1.rule get rid off fat stuff use oil 1kal spray for cooking use as you would like to.2.eat carb cooked with spray make sure the plate has got 1/3portion of any vegetables you like.3.get rid off scale.use your clothings to check you lost weight.4.set your mind that losing weight is not overnight thing.enjoy the process and never give up some days bad some days good.5.when you arrive your target keep it.6.learn how to cook.roast veg with garlic and salt pepper (use spray oil)always have a protein in your portions.7.walk everyday 30 min.GOOD LUCK(i use on my phone calori counter app myfitness pal, helps me to track)

I know the feeling of being unhappy with your weight but it just feeling too much to do something about it. Don't think about losing 40lbs as it will seem too big a task but break it down into manageable chunks as mini goals-say 5lbs). You'll start to look and feel so much better after losing just a small amount of weight and reaching each mini goal will motivate you to keep going. Think about what you are eating and try to cut out or cut down on the unhealthy stuff and eat a bit more healthy stuff (particularly fruit and vegetables). A small amount of exercise and the pounds will start falling off.

The following behavioral strategies could help your weight loss plan:

1). Schedule your day to allow adequate time for buying, preparing and eating healthy food. Set an alarm if necessary so you don't get stuck watching TV or working at the computer.

2). Stock up on healthy snacks that have a pleasing texture and taste. You may like the crunchiness of carrots, the tanginess of cheese cubes, or the smoothness of frozen yoghurt. Drinking a cup of hot tea with your midmorning or midafternoon snack may make it last longer and feel more satisfying.

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