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Below the 10 stone milestone!

I've been working on my weight and fitness for about 14 months now and feel I'm in the 'maintenance' phase, having lost well over 3 1/2 stone. I've started a quite physical job and don't always fit in my fitness programme but don't feel too bad as some of the stuff I do at work is like a workout! Trying to get a bit more relaxed about eating and not writing everything down on MFP, either.

Imagine my amazement when I went for my fortnightly weigh-in, feeling quite worried that I might have piled the weight on, and I might have to go back to regimented calorie-counting, only to find I had lost 2lb, making me 9 st 13 lbs, below the 10 stone mark at last!

Why is it that in the days you feel fat and anxious about having out weight on that you discover you've lost weight, whereas when you've worked really hard and feel hopeful your weight is static or even up? Weird.

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hi Soozz - well done on your weight loss! Agree with you about being more relaxed about calorie counting when you're at maintenance weight, but I find it really difficult myself.


Well done Soozz - I look forward to getting to the same stage one day (although it will never be below 10 stone LOL).


well done and congratualtions on a fantastic weight loss and maintaining it. Your current weight is my holy grail. sadly I have discovered the maintance plan to early at 12 stone...must try harder :-)


Must try harder? Yeah like running the London Marathon next year? You do yourself a disservice the weight loss will follow I am sure!


Thank you for remembering that. I am just about to go out for a run now-but way off marathon distance. But still out there doing it. And thank you reminding me that I do have determination to succeed. I might need you to remind me when I regroup in September.

Another sunny day -trainers on!

Have a good week.x


You will get there, Suzybenj. It's taken me over a year. The awful thing is, I still feel podgy, so we are never satisfied! And yesterday I was a compete gannet and went way over my calorie allowance....because I didn't exercise.

And thanks for all your lovely comments. This community provides its own rewards for each other's successes and achievements!


HI Soozz,

"Why is it that in the days you feel fat" .... well, it's because your body is actually quite a complicated thing and it takes time for it to adapt to changes. I can still notice my body changing to my new lower weight although I reached my 'target' a while back now.

As the old line says "you didn't get overweight overnight..." And that's quite important It probably took you quite a while to put your excess weight on. I mean it wasn't a case of a bag of chips one day and an extra inch on the waistline the next, was it?

Well, similarly in reverse.

Hey but you must fell like you're walking about in someone else's body these days! Well done.


Hi Soozz. Wow, that's fabulous! Well done on the weight loss. Jealous much? Me? ;-) I've had nearly a month off running (a deliberate decisiion to let some strains heal) and have got to get myself started again. I got to have my run on the beach on holiday this year (did I post about it? I can't remember as the last time I was here the site was abyssmal!) but haven't run since. I haven't been watching what I eat too closely and have been comparatively inactive at work recently, but was surprised to find this morning that I'd lost the couple of pounds I 'gained' last week. Odd.

I've hardly been to the woods this year, which is such an inspiring place to run. I'm contemplating going for a run there today, although I'm feeling a bit nervous about going alone, which I didn't previously. I've got a day off, which I'm spending tackling paperwork and catching up on things, and also job-hunting as my contract ends in less than a month. Looking on the bright side... if I'm unemployed, I'll have plenty of time for running again!

Hope all is going well with you, your job and your road to 10K. :D xx


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