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On target

Two weeks ago, I set myself the goal of 28 lbs in 24 weeks. 5lbs has gone already - tried to be careful what I have eaten and done lots of walking, still managed to go out for a meal, but chose no pudding and had a coffee. What I did find tough was not being able to use the site and get inspiration and the support we all give each other. Hope that is almost resolved now - I missed everyone!

So, on target at the moment - about to go away for a week, so will try to be good but will enjoy myself.

Good luck to you all.

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Hi and well done on your 5 lb loss! Have a great week away and remember "a little bit of what you fancy, does you good" :-)


Thanks vonnyliz. I must remember that it is only "a little bit of what you fancy does you good" rather than "a lot"!

My intentions are good!

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Hi Bispers,

I hope you have a great time away.


Lowcal :-)


Hi Lowcal

Good to see you back! Thanks - hope you also had a good hols.



Well done! I agree about the site it's looking good now though, enjoy you week away and stay strong( ish) ;)


Thanks Prin, I will try!


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