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Christmas is coming ......... I've set my goal

I hate mentioning the C word already but for anyone else who needs a goal - Christmas Eve is 24 weeks today - my aim is to lose 2 stone (28 lbs) before then.

That's just over 1lb a week - and will include a 2 week holiday and a foot operation so I won't be mobile for 2 weeks in the winter.

I hope by setting my goal now it will actually happen rather than getting to November and suddenly thinking I need to lose weight and then being disappointed in what I can do in the timescale I have left.

Although I am losing weight already, very very slowly, I decided this morning that I need something to aim for. I will then have 1 more stone to lose.

It is definitely something to aim for! Anyone else going to go for the same goal?

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If you don't mind me asking - what are you going to differently to increase the weight loss?


Go girl, but set your self some mini ones to work to as well otherwise sometimes it can be a bit daunting. Try crossing the pounds off on a chart and put a little reward every few pounds. My secret goal - well it's not now you lot know it! I had a silver and gold pandora bracelet for my birthday. I haven't worn it yet I am waiting to reach my goal weight!


Hi fitterinfo

I currently have days which are very good and then days where I eat out/with friends/family party etc. On those days, although I start off well, I don't always make sensible choices and too many non-sensible choices are counteracting my good days! So, I need to be more consistent. I can see the pattern very clearly looking at my food diary and My Fitness Pal. I still will enjoy a treat but there won't be anywhere near as many. Also, whilst I can, I will try to walk most days of the week.


I should also say, any advice is welcome! I had some very good suggestions given to me on this forum at the weekend which I am trying to incorporate and am grateful for.


Hi Prin

Thank you for your advice - I have made a section in the diary to record my weight but I will now also cross the pounds off on a chart and think of some rewards. I do have a dress I bought for my daughter's wedding that I would love to get into again - so I that is a longer term goal. My son is getting married in August 2014 - that is my ultimate goal. (Yes, I lost the weight for my daughter's wedding in 2010 and put it, and of course more, back on!)

Let me know when you wear your bracelet - good luck!


Hi bispers,

There's lots of good and free advice on the NHSChoices web-pages (including a free 12 week plan. Here's a couple of examples:-



Your target seems quite reasonable in terms of your potential average rate of weight loss and I would encourage you to also set yourself some 'mini-targets' or milestones to tick off as you progress along your weight-loss journey.

I'd also strongly recommend that you try to see this as a re-training / change your lifestyle process - rather than just a 'diet' - whereby you take control of your eating and exercise/activity habits and swop unhealthy, unhelpful 'bad' habits for new healthier and better ones and do that once and for good, so that your slimmer lighter body becomes your norm for the rest of your life.

It's often said that to lose weight you need to discover the ways you put it on in the first place and stop doing those things, so I would suggest having a serious, no-holds-barred look at what you are eating. And that means every single thing you eat or drink, no exceptions, including toppings, sauces, gravies, snacks, and the 'oh, they're only small, they won't count' and the ' it won't matter if I have only one' things too.

Good luck with your weight loss journey.


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