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End of the journey! This is my stop for getting off the weight loss bus.

I've done it.

79.5 kgs this morning.

So, that's the 26 kgs gone in 6 months - I'm now 'normal' weight.

Oddly, perhaps, I'm not going around shouting whoopee!

In fact, if anything, I feel a tad self-conscious, almost embarrassed, that I ever allowed myself to get so overweight in the first place.

It somehow to me feels a bit less like a "success" as such and more like a putting right of a bit of a disaster.

And oh have I discovered things about me and food en route.

A big thanks to all my fellow-travellers on the weight loss bus and others too on this blog.

Have successful, safe and healthy weight loss journeys and enjoy finding that slimmer lighter self that's there inside of you.

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A big congratulations.

" I feel a tad self-conscious, almost embarrassed, that I ever allowed myself to get so overweight in the first place. "

The media might want the masses to think that size 0 dresses and 6 packs are the norm but that is not what the health surveys show.

I believe it is a healthier body that sheds the excess body fat however it works treasure the sleek and more energetic version of yourself.


Hi fitterinfo,

I can't remember, in my adult life, ever being in such a light body. It feels really good.

It moves around so effortlessly compared to my 'old' one.

As for the embarrassed feeling, perhaps that's connected with the fact that I've realised that since the start of the journey I've actually lost just under a QUARTER of my old body weight (24.5%).

What in the name of heaven was I doing being that sort of size?

Whatever. It's all history now. I'm not going back there.

Good luck with your weight loss journeys, folks.


Well done Doikosp, you must be really proud of yourself. I hope this is not the end of your blogs, I always watch out for them as you make some sensible comments. I wish you well in your "maintenance program".

Kind Regards


Hi tubby2,

Thanks. Somehow though the feeling isn't quite one of pride - more a sort of relief that I've gone and actually done something about my overweight problem and my unhealthy and unhelpful eating habits.

Good luck with your weight loss journey.


Well done you have been an inspiration! I hope you will still drop by to say hi to us fatties ;)


Brilliant - congratulations Doikosp. I hope you will still blog - I really enjoy reading your blogs and what you say makes so much sense and is inspirational. Please, keep helping the rest of us!


Congratulations!!! I hope you will still post stuff. As you know I'm new and found your messages uplifting,in fact I've just sent you a message!


Well done, you are an inspiration!!


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