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Week 3 Complete, Week 4 starting :-)

Now im inpressed with myself. I dont know how to control my emotions to cry or laugh. I have lost 11 lbs in total in 3 weeks and still going strong nearly a stone and another 3 stone on top to lose. I feel i have the strenght and the ability to do it. :-)

I have upped everything i do at the gym and i walk or cycle everywhere instead of taking a bus or relying on people !! My confindence has grown with losing weight but confindence with guys it is a little harder. Think it is cause i have been hurt to many times. But hopefully not for long there is someone out there who will love me and treasure me !!!

Hard work , Positive Thinking go along way !!

Tart :-)

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Well done :-)


Great result - good to build your confidence and self reliance.

Remember the rate of weight loss may reduce it is often higher for 2 or 3 weeks so don't be discouraged if the loss over the next 3 weeks does not match the first 3 weeks loss.


Well done! You've really achieved something positive. I think I would just concentrate on improving your confidence, because that is what will make you attractive to others and then the right one will come along.


Well done x


That's amazing. I am starting week 3 with a loss of 10lb. I am expecting it to slow down now but feel motivated. I have very low self esteem but can notice a few changes in my posture too. So keep up what you're doing. :-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)


thank you for your comments and i have been really positive about my weight lose. Im not discouraged if i was to maintain or put a little on. IT is the fact at the moment for me to leave my flat has become an issue in its self. I have had enough people bully me left right and centre for the past couple of days i have felt like giving up and moving back with my parents. What i dont get is why people are mean, nasty and have no life but to pick on someone to mentally and physically get to them to that state of mind !!!!!! This has knocked my confidence. I feel i cant win no matter what and it has not yet had an impact on my food but struggling as im such an open book about my feelings and emtions !!!!!!

Tart :-(


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