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Well, I feel so much better for eating healthily. However, my weight seems to go down by a few pounds and then back up so currently, 5 lbs lighter than when I started, now on week 7. My problem seems to be that every week I have 'social' events on three or more days that are counteracting what I do on the other days. At these events, there aren't healthy eating options so I end up having lovely food, but high in fat and calorie (and not eating isn't an option).

I have increased my walking (last week did over 6 hours) and my general exercise but it is obviously not enough to balance out the food.

Looking back over the last week's food chart (and I use Fitness Pal), I can see why. This weekend is another example - away Saturday night with family, out on Sunday with lunch provided - probably fish and chips or burger, as a thank you for helping at an all day event. I will take my own lunch tomorrow so I will at least know the calorie content.

It is just so difficult and frustrating when you are trying so hard but life carries on and can get in the way.

'Rant' over! At least the sun is shining and is going to continue doing so.

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Hi there :). Life is mostly what you make it! You're doing great and it seems that you really want to get healthier and lose the weight. Exercise is essential, of course, but if you then eat all that fatty food, it is not going to benefit you as much. I know, it is hard, but you need to take control even of your 'social eating'. Prepare yourself mentally, plan ahead, eat maybe something healthy before you go out, so that you are not so hungry and then eat all of what is on offer at the gathering. Another thing that has really really worked for me is taking one or two protein shakes daily. I get all the nutrients, protein, vitamins and minerals that I need, and my body is happy and balanced for the first time in ages! Lots of energy and added strength - I have cut nearly 5 minutes off my runningtime for 5K in just 3 months :). I have of course had to change my eating habits to healthy ones - big salad for dinner with some added protein, healthy snacks throughout the day (fruit, crackers...) and lots of water (preferably filtered). I am getting the shakes for free, because I have 3 friends also who started using them. So, nothing to lose but that unhealthy fat!


Hi bispers,

Yes, the social eating thing can really wreck your weight loss efforts. But then again, I guess that if you'd already lost the excess weight, your lighter body would need less food, so you would be eating less and still - probably - dealing with some social eating events.

There are odd 'tricks' that might help - 'pass' on the starters, share a dessert with someone else, and, of course, try hard to avoid (or at minimum reduce) your fat and sugar intake through your choices (or polite declining) of dressings/sauces and the like.

(A good trick is to try to have the tomato-based dressings rather than the cream and fat based ones as they're usually less calorific).

Oh and generally try to 'underload' your plate. Spending time talking and slowing down the eating rate may also make you feel genuinely fuller faster, so that the "oh no - I really couldn't - I'm quite full" protestations sound more genuine.

And if you do eat some 'naughties', try to ensure you only eat small amounts of them.

In the main, if you go 'over' one day (due to social eating or any other reason) the best strategy is to consider the next day (or two) as 'payback' day(s).

Alcohol is always a bit of a problem with social eating as it not only is pretty calorific in itself, but it impedes fat-burning too. So, perhaps either avoid it, or water it down as much as possible.

Good luck with your weight loss journey.


Hi bispers I can empathise with all you have said. I am also on week 7 and have lost 5lbs. but have been challenged by social events, this weekend I'm helping at a coffee morning (I can cope with that 1 coffee and 1 plain biscuit) but in the afternoon we're going to a carnival with friends and then for a fish and chip supper and it's been playing on my mind all day!! I guess I will have a small portion of what ever I fancy and cut back a bit on Sunday. My weigh in day is Monday so I might skip this week !!


No weigh in good or bad otherwise you will ignore it - it doesn't matter if you gain but it does mater if you deny!


Well the main thing is you have started, if you had put it (weight loss) off for events you would just be getting fatter, hopefully as you carry on you will crave less nasty stuff and be more in tune with better choices...... Good luck and KEEP GOING!xxy


Thank you all for your comments and advice. Some of which I already incorporate - others I had decided against, but will now try as I can see the potential benefit. My husband loves that I always offer to drive now so I don't drink much alcohol LOL.

I hadn't thought of my weight loss as Prin suggests - thank you, I think I should print that out and put it on the fridge.

I am feeling very motivated today and will try to make the right choices this weekend, but not beat myself up.

Good luck evryone on your journeys and thank you for your support and help - it makes so much difference.


I'm away on business much of my time which includes eating with lots of people in hotels and set menus. here's what I'm trying. first of all no dessert, if there's a starter I only eat a bit of it and for the main course I leave pastry, fattening sauces and much of the potato. For breakfast I just have a yogurt and a piece of fresh fruit and have a healthy lunch. Give your friends and family a challenge to help you by not insisting you eat everything that's put in front of you. leave buns off the burger, batter of the fish and once you've eaten the protein have just a few chips at the end (4 or 5 not a plateful) and then you get the taste of them without loads of calories. I've only just started this regime but it helps me so all the best with your weight loss. Hard isn't it but it'll be worth it in the end.


Hi lyndie,

I'd agree with all of those. Good tactics!

O.K., so not the most ideal of situations, but you seem to be making the best of it.


worse (for me) is having a houseguest!I know, I know..choose healthy options etc. but really hard, especially when the guest is young and has 'healthy' appetite.kitchen scale is abandoned, so does the plan, somewhat. I do resent it though (my own fault) that I can no longer now just 'eat and be merry'!


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