First day

Well this is my first day so I hope you will all support me. I really need to get fit and lose a few pounds!!!! I was at the doctors yesterday with bad indigestion/acid reflux - he keeps giving me the pills to calm it but I feel I need to do more as I have a problem with my heel (plantar fasciitus) very painful so I am not getting out to walk the dog like I used to (also she is getting old). So I have made a decision to try and lose some weight which I know will help with both problems so here we go hopefully things will improve


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3 Replies

  • good luck on your journey, this blog helped me, best thing I discovered and its free!

  • Thank you daffodil101 for your support. Not doing bad so far for the first day.

  • Hi Angel

    A good tip I was given by my dietician,

    To make sure you eat the right amounts of food per meal, draw round a teaplate, draw a line through the middle of the circle deviding it into two equal sections, draw a line through the middle of 1 of the halves to make 2 equal quatres.

    The big section is for vegetables or salad

    1 of the smaller sections is for protein, if you don't eat meat you can have quorn, fish or similar. If you'd eat meat, any lean skinless meat.

    The other section is for carbs, wholegrain, wholemeal, seeded, brown and jacket are the most popular choice. (sweet potato is a vegetable! Shh enjoy!!)

    If you have young ones, laminate it with all the info written on it and let them help plan the meals, it'll get them used to it from an early age.

    If you don't drink anything for 20 minutes before or after your meals, and try to make the meal last 30mins by eating slower and any food left throw away. You will really see a difference!

    Don't worry if you can't make your meal last that long at first, work up to it, once you are used to it you won't look back!

    I have no feeling to right side of my body and I eat my food in a bowl with a spoon, if you use a long handled tea spoon, it will slow your eating time down alot as you can't get much on the spoon! Use a teaspoon for everything you would use a spoon to eat.

    Hope it helps, take care and angel blessings

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