First Day (again)

Ok so Monday 1st July was meant to be day 1 of healthy eating AGAIN, it's needed I'm overweight and unhealthy. I started the day with great intentions and then there was cake at work, FAIL.

Yesterday I again started the day with good intentions pop into the supermarket on my way home for bits for dinner buy chips and chocolate, FAIL.

So today I am determined I will not allow myself to fail! I'm leaving my bank card at home so I can't buy junk and I'm taking a healthy lunch with me ... Lets see how this goes lol, I'm lazy I know my problem, I enjoy healthy food but eating toast or buying a burger is quicker - I must change my mind set and I will!

Wish me Luck :0)


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6 Replies

  • You are not alone. Like you I thought new month, new day - now let's get on track of healthy lifestyle. But. .. Absolute failure with food choices, but been walking - so I have to focus on my successes rather than failures. Rome wasn'tbuilt in a day!

    I WILL make better food choices today ( I'll think of you) and hope your choices today are good too. Keep us updated!

  • Good luck you CAN do it! I did, it took 12years to lose baby weight & lazy eating habits but I've done it. If you can find exercise you like do that too, I use it to combat 'fails' such as cake! Good luck

  • Aw good luck, I need it today too as going out for a riends birthday lunch...

  • Go for it!! Will be sending good vibes ur way!

  • You hit the nail on the head Roromama - focus on your successes rather than your failures. Yes you may have blipped, so does everyone, however, the trick is to not let it ruin all your other hard work. Find a hobby you like doing that will mean you have to move around. Doesn't matter what it is but if you are enjoying it then do more of it, fit it in whenever you can, do it with friends and enjoy it. It's small baby steps to start until you change your mindset and finally think that you are worth it, you are worth of NOT having that cake and those chips because you want to do something else with your life instead of being overweight. You HAVE the ability to change, You CAN do it. You ARE worth it. Good luck :-) xx

  • I know exactly how you feel EmazinEm.... One day, totally full of enthusiasm to get started, things are going really great, then, temptation.. Wish, like yourself I could control that.. Determination, that's what we need, funny how we can use that if things don't go our way??!! Why, can't we apply that to our eating??? Well, today, I am determined and like yourself, baby steps, day by day and see how things go.. I wish you the very best..

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