Why is it so easy at the moment?

I find keeping my weight constant to healthy a pigging nightmare. I seem to have to work out all week and eat nothing, and I find it really hard. There are only two times in my life when it is really not an issue. The first when I was pregnant with my son and now when I'm pregnant with my second. I don't feel particularly different. I'm fortunate in that I'm not sick and rarely nauseous, but when I shouldn't be losing weight, it's disappearing hand over fist. I'm not particularly interested in meals or food, except strawberries. I know I shouldn't complain but the whole lot will go back on and I'll end up feeling rubbish again next year. I know this is more of a rant than a question but still. Rrr! Chay


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4 Replies

  • 1200 calories at the moment is a cinch.

  • It's not advisable to aim to lose weight while you're pregnant. Speak to a health professional

  • I'm not aiming at losing any weight at the moment in the slightest. That would be stupid and bad for my child and me. I am just losing weight without trying. I'm finding it hard to eat over 1200 calories in a day, eating less would be easier.

  • Don't know if you will see this reply as this is an old post?

    Many years ago, I too lost weight whilst pregnant, much to the doctor's disgust. First they complain you are obese and then they complain when you fail to gain weight! My second pregnancy - I only gained 3lbs in total, but my stomach grew and my hips shrank - after the healthy baby arrived weighing a full 7lbs, I had lost over a stone and a half and was the slimmest I have ever been. Sadly, the weight soon crept back on. I likened it to having a gastric band - the baby took up the space where my stomach normally went so I couldn't eat large meals! I was never anaemic and felt very well, and the baby was fine too. (He is now a 32 year old with an engineering Degree).

    If you do read this - how is your weight doing now?

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