Getting there one stone at a time!

So probably none of you will remember me but I wrote my first post back in late march/early april about how depressed I was due to my weight of 12 stone 8lbs and how it was affecting every part of my life. After all the replys - most of which I already knew and 100% agreed with I got all fired up and did - nothing, yep you read that right I did absolutely nothing except continue to feel sorry for myself and wait for some miracle cure so I could eat rubbish all day and never exercise and yet somehow become painfully thin!

It's truly hard to believe that was only 3 months ago. I don't know where it came from or how I managed it but somehow at the start of June I officially hit rock bottom. There was literally no direction but up. So things went drastic, on the 4th of June I kicked my partner out the house for a week (I knew I couldn't do it with him here but he had saw how unhappy I'd become and where we were headed and agreed) I did a complete overhaul in that week. I got rid of all the crap foods. I used the change for life app and cooked the foods from there making sure to count my calories. In the first 9 days I lost 8lbs and 8inches (mostly from around my waist and hips) I couldn't believe it. I was eating delicious food - having a pudding after both lunch and dinner and losing weight! Mind blowing.

So fast forward to now. So far I've lost a stone! My skin has improved no end, I don't even crave bad food anymore. I've had chocolate, crisps and biscuits in my house for the past 3 weeks and not even had to pull out the willpower. Plus because I get like 2 deserts a day (my faves are plum crunchies at 106cal and banana bran loaf at 132cal) it doesn't even seem like I'm dieting. -which I recently realised I'm actually not. I'm changing my life!

It's refreshing to know that through eating right and exercise I'm losing weight because of ME. I'm the one doing this no one else! :))

I still have another 2/2.7 to lose but I know that I'm on my way. And I'm going to get there healthily!


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9 Replies

  • Changes in lifestyle and belief in yourself can be very powerful.

  • Well done you!!! What an inspiration.

  • Ah yes, I remember, you had problems with motivation and wanted to kickstart something... well sometimes you have to hit rock bottom first, and even if you are aware of a problem you might not be at rock bottom. So, event hough you didn't do anything about your weight until June, you DID do something about it eventually, and its the starting off and dragging yourself out of the bad habits that is the hardest.

    Well done on your weight loss, and your diet overhaul. :)

    Just remember that a stone in a month is quite fast weight loss and if it does settle down don't worry or panic. Make sure you are getting the full range of nutrients that your body requires and are drinking enough water. Are you still at the gym?

  • Yes I still go gym but I'm a lot more relaxed about it. If I've got a busy day and can't fit it in I don't panic. I only go 3 times a week, it's a more realistic amount for me. 3 times is something I can commit to for the rest of my life instead of everyday, and then workout DVDs when I get home and my weight loss amounting to nothing.

    Ah it already has, I lost 8lbs in the first chunk but since then it's been a healthy 2lbs a week. I think the realisation that I'm not going to wake up in my dream body has finally hit home but I know if I continue to eat healthily (I've never had my 5 a day before and now I'm nailing that every singe day. I used to think it was impossible but now I see how easy it is) I will one day! I feel so relaxed about it all now. Like before it was all I could think about - how big I'd become and how I was only getting bigger. But now the only time it really comes into my head is in a positive way like "WOW IM LOSING WEIGHT!" :) i know I've gained this weight a lot quicker than I'll lose it but I'm ok with that because for the first time in my life I'm on my way to being comfortable in my own skin!

  • What a motivational post and well done Rebecca!

  • Congratulation Rebecca141,

    You are doing amazingly well. The saying 'you are what you eat' is really working for you. Well done. Look forward to seeing more blogs from you.

  • Thanks guys. I'm one of those people that lose a bit of weight and think I can now do anything. I think I may have back flipped off those boots scales last weigh day when I hit the stone mark ;) I know this is only the start of my journey but at least now I'm leading with the biggest smile on my face.

    Weight loss isn't a negative thing, it took me too long to realise this, when you're in that weight loss moment it's one of the most powerful things you'll ever do to say no to all the things you want to cut out and yes to everything you want to change. Never forget how powerful you are!

  • Congratulations, you must be so proud of yourself :)

  • Hi Rebcca141,

    Yes - I do remember.

    I told you you're tastes would change! But they do. Once you clear the rubbish out, you find you don't actually fancy it nearly so much.

    I truly couldn't face eating some of the things I would have merrily tucked into six months or so ago.

    Now just keep it going. Moderate, sensible rate of weight loss. Keep up the changed habits add in any fine-tuning you need to do to it along the way and give your body time to settle in to and adapt to the new ways.

    By the time you get to a 'normal' weight, you'll be an expert at sensible moderate healthy eating and an experienced practitioner of it.

    Well done on daring to get on the weight loss bus.

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