First ever gym day today......It was great

I am coming up on 70 and weigh in at 98 kg, suffer from COPD, can't climb stairs and have a suspected hernia which the Local Hospital will not repair until I lose around 20 kg.

Dieting didn't help and eventually I got fed up with salads etc, So the practice nurse / dietician referred me to the local gym, so I signed up 2 weeks ago after the assessment meeting.

Today was my induction class, and it was great, I didn't think I could do as well as I did, The trainer / tutor was very helpful and supportive, And yes I am going to go regularly although only once a week for this month until all the other appointments are out of the way then hopefully twice weekly until I come of the RED card, then as often as I can, I am however restricted to certain exercises because of persistent groin pain.

If your thinking of going to the gym and never done it before DO IT....I'm glad I started although I must admit I nervously half expected everything to be going at 100 mph.


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9 Replies

  • well done - I'm a gym bunny and love it. Hubby went for the first time ever last year after years of me telling him he'd enjoy it - which he did!

  • Well done you to, I hope you can keep it up.

  • good for you. Good to know that there's some of us who haven't succumbed to the 'I'm getting old so there's nothing I can do about it' brigade. I'm out to prove them all wrong, obviously so are you :)

  • The problem is that our bodies (for most of us) tend to get older than our mind/brain and as you infer it can be mind over matter if one is physically able, sadly there are many out there that are not, as was the case of my late wife who was disabled for 35 years.

    I hope all your efforts are rewarding..........

  • yes of course Un1corn. we can all only do what our bodies will allow us to do but I have friends who just assume that as you get older there is no point in changing anything about your lifestyle, it's that mindset I was alluding to. my brother is disabled and is extremely limited in what he can do physically but I have no excuse (other than slight arthritis) to not try and keep fit and healthy. I hope your efforts are rewarding and that you continue to enjoy your gym visits. keep us all posted on how you're doing.

  • Hi I also have a stomach hernia and am dieting am in 60's but have not thought of going to a gym, have lost 5lbs since I came onto this site and it helps me reading other people's strong comments please keep us posted how the gym is going,also is it very expensive.

  • Hi Anty, I have lost about the same amount of weight as yourself ( took about 2 months) but I hope to do better. In the area I live (Croydon) you can be referred by GP or Dietitian to a gym for exercises to meet your needs, The one I go to costs £10 for 1 years membership and £3 each for the first 12 sessions on selected days, thereafter £4.50 per session any day, If you are keen why not consult your GP to see if it applies in your local area.

    I hope this is of help to you.

  • Hi un1corn thanks for reply, I live in West Sussex so I think I will take your advice. I also had my gallbladder removed 4 months ago and have had the stomach problem since then, I'm due to go for a scan in 4 days so I hope all is ok so I can get into more exercise and a better diet only blood tests were not to good so my daughter thinks I should not diet to much until told everything is ok.

  • Hi again anty, I wish you well and hope you get some relief soon to help with your particular weight problem.


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