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Why is it when you take your eye off the ball the weight suddenly starts creeping up I've put on half a pound cause I've not done calorie counting and been working later so been too tied to Nordic walk but it will take months to get it off again. There is a lot of talk at moment about 5-2 diet anyone tried it I did today I had my daily allowance by lunch time and only had porridge for breakfast salad and banana for lunch and alpin bar for a snack


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  • I have a friend who does the 5-2 diet all the time and she remains slim despite eating an enormous amount sometimes, but she does have a fairly small build naturally and she is also fairly active. I haven't tried it myself, keep meaning to but really need someone alongside me in order to maintain motivation for any diet apart from the Lighter Life where I loved the shakes but hated the meetings! Sue

  • The man that made this diet eats very healthily any way! So on the other days you still have to be careful .......

  • the problem is that it hard to lose a pound or two, but so very easy to put it on. we went to london for a day, but had to have 2 meals with friends and then family. not pigging out or anything, but hey ho! up the weight went! what is not so nice as far as I am concerned is that I now cannot eat and enjoy it without thinking 'here goes my diet!'

    the way I see it is, at least I am aware and will not go overboard, but what a price. at nearly 65 (in november) this is one pleasure I must forego? being aware always?

  • Had 30 gram of porridge 150 mil milk two spoons of natural bio yogurt an a tea spoon of jam 287 calories

    lunch large mixed salad, two baby toms spoon of sweet corn 146

    leaves me with 67 cal for dinner this is stupied im staving I carnt do this ive been gardening all day as that's my job so I feel I need to eat more than that

  • If you have a physically demanding job you need to have enough fuel to do a day's work - I might be inclined to up the porridge but reduce the jam!

    What is the rest of your menu (I don't like the word diet) like.

  • Had chicken and mixed veg for dinner

  • I do the 5;2 diet sometimes 4;3, i have finished loosing weight and am trying to maintain it. My goal was 8st 5lb got down to 8st 3lb and vary between that and 9st wont go over 9. This allows for hormonal and monthly variations. It is working ok ish but I find if I eat too many carbs it is harder to fast and I tend to over eat on non fast days. If I eat high protein low carb dont have any problem fasting. Good luck

  • The imparative requirement pertaining to losing weight is to increase protein intake. Protein shakes for weight loss will give effective results. you can natural foods into your diet plan to help you lose weight and look slimmer.

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