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The only way is up!

So i've got through the first week or so of my healthier life! It's not been easy and I'm not saying I did a good job but on the positive side, I've started running. I downloaded the coach potato to 5km podcast from the NHS and i'm almost done on week two!

I don't like 'dieting' as once i say i'm not allowed something, that becomes the only thing I want. So I'm trying to manage my portion sizes, not snack between meals and to increase my exercise.

Last time I tried to lose weight, i wasn't able to balance eating sensibly and real life. I don't want to starve myself and not let myself have the things I like. But if I have them, I work for them, and I have one chocolate, not a box.

Oh, and the best news. I managed to get into a pair of shorts I've never worn because they were too small!

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Well done. I keep looking at couch to 5k but haven't attempted it yet lol


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