Week 2 Complete , Week 3 starting !!!

Wow , yippee i feel alive and i achieved to lose weight again. I lost 2 a pounds. In total ive lost 6 and half pound and feeling really pleased with myself and my weight lose. I have upped my exersize i do the gym monday to friday. I do my whole programm on monday and friday ,then tuesday and thursday just my cv. Wednesday and allternate fridays with water aerobics. I feel i have a lot more energy. What can i say i wish i found this site sooner i would like to thank everyone for their comments .

thanks again

Tart :-)

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  • Good that you're doing so well :-)

  • thank you :-)

  • Whoop! Whoop! Well done!

  • Yay you! Well donE

  • That's great well done

  • Hi Angel

    You go girl!!!

    Fantastic, you are an inspiration to us all!!

    Keep doing all you're doing, but most of all keep having fun!!

    May your guardian angel watch over you and guide you on your journey.

    Big hugs and angel blessings xx

  • Great progress - good idea to alternate you cv and strength workouts.

    Sounds like you might need to review your cv intensity or duration as you are progressing so well!

  • Ok thank you. I will talk to my instructor at the gym to review my program .

    Tart :-)

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