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Only 42lb to go!!!

Well...... Started 13 days ago on fitness pal on phone and set it at 1200 a day. Have list 5.5lbs as of this morning. Increasing exercise by walking 3 times a week after work for about 40 minutes. Feeling positive but just about to start a week of nights at work. Stay at 2030 and finish at 0730. Not sure what to take to work and should I just eat little and often?

Any help would be great.


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Good stuff, keep it up :-) It depends what you like, but would a flask of soup or a cool box be good for your night shifts? I find cooked meats, cheese, oatcakes, bananas, apples, and small amounts of dried fruit such as preservative-free apricots make good portable food.


With regard to frequency, I think if you're eating a good balance then three meals a day is sufficient. Bear in mind that when you eat, if your insulin levels are raised, you have to wait for them to subside again before your body can burn fat for fuel.


Thank you. ..


Well lost another lb so happy. Know it will slow down now still happy though...


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