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I've realiseD

That the start of the week I'm good with mmy food and pretty good with my excercise. I aim to eat healthy, however by midweek I'm craving my favourite snack of the dastardly crispS lol. I have discovered spaceraiderS. Though which are like a maise type crisp I think. Anyway they only contain 64 calories per pack! Result also they cost only 20p so even better. Anyway I've gone from maybe one or two packs per day!!!! To apart from the space raiders a pack or two at the weekend. I allways have dads delicious roast dinner of a sunday. I really do think if you keep your treats low you can still lose wegiht. I really didn't think I'd lose weight this week but I have lost 1 n a half pound which I am pleased with as I am a type two diabetic and have been having severe foot pain and can only do so much excercise. Anyway hope you all are having a lovely weekenD and good luck with your weightloss goals xxxx

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Well done on the weight-loss.

I know the food industry spend loads on making these 'foods' tasty, but how can it be a treat if it's contributing to your pain?

It's sounds like you're cutting back too far on something if you start to crave this junk, although I do appreciate you're in a much better position than you were :-)


What are your blood glucose levels like?


To be honest concerned I have allways been a very fussy eater. It stems from childhood. I would mainly eat carbs for tea everyday and nothing else anf could not be persuaded to eat anything else. I wouldn't eat meat. I now eat quorn. I wouldn't eat vegetables. I'm still not great with them but I try lol. I'm. Only on two metformin which I take at night because they are slow release. I don't often check my blood sugar either to be honest. Only late last year I was diagnoxed as diabetic and sometimes I have days where I just don't think I am which I know is silly but all I can do is try to do bettter. Thankyou for your advice though. I do find your comments on here and other posts very interesting.


Hi and well done on your weight loss! I feel that incorporating a treat into your diet helps you keep on track because if you think "ooh can't have that, it makes you crave it more" My treat is a tunnocks tea cake - satisfies my sweet cravings :-)


Thankyou yvonne, yh I agree. Totally x


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