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I'm over the moon!


I started the 12wk plan 2wks ago & I was 209kgs, I have had

my second weigh in and I'm thrilled to say I'm now 200kgs!

I can not believe I have lost this in 2wks. I know you always

loose it in the first week but I really didn't think I would loose so

much this week too!

I just wanted to share , oh & my BMI has already gone down 5.


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WELL DONE YOU! You must be chuffed to bits. I wish you well for continued success!


Thank you, I'm still smiling from ear to ear



Whoop whoop! Well done!


Well done you!


Thanks guys! :)


Keep up the good work. Keep the excitement, you are an inspiration.



u r really inspiration for those who want to loose, what is your diet? i'm fighting to loose 10kgs only. tell me what you eat pls, and plus well done


Thanks Shalom7 :)


Dacostanatilia, thank you :)

I have been following the nhs 12wk plan.

But I have been really dedicated, Iv not had any cheese or pastys,

I have up coke & only been drinking water. But I did have withdraw symptoms tho, I would

normally drink minimum 2ltrs a day.

Oh & crisp, Iv given those up too.

I have had some really tasty salads & although in the past I found them not very filling, but this time I have been drinking water & I fill my plate with salad. The one thing I have had which I think has helped a lot, don't laugh, ice pops! When my family are eating things I like I had an ice pop, they're 14 calories & last ages. I feel like I'm being naughty & not missing out. They have certainly helped me stay on plan.

Hope this helps

Thanks for your message


Gave up coke.


Brilliant. I have lost nearly 6lb in 2 weeks with my fitness pal. You don't realise how many calories are in things. . Bit odd an eye opener. Will persevere even though have only last half pounds this week still have 42 lb to go... Hopefully by Jan 1st 2014. :-)


Wow 6lb is a fantastic achievement,

When you say fitness pal, is that an iPhone app?

At the rate your going you will loose your weight in

no time!

Good for you!



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