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Boy, this really works!

there's been many posts recently of people being disheartened. I'd like to share my success and hope that it encourages you to perhaps try the lowcarb option--if the low fat option isn't working for you.

I'm huge right now. 27 stone and 8 pounds but in the last week I have lost 8 pounds and since starting this eating plan--not calling it a diet because this is for life--i've lost 24 pounds in less than a month.

Yes, the high weight loss is probably to do with how overweight I am, but it's working, and I'm eating a lot.

I've tried every diet you can think of. Weight watchers, Slimming world, the grapefruit, various beach diets, cabbage, and dozens more. all of them worked to some degree, some didn't work at all. Some, I actually put weight on. with all of them I plateaued - lost motivation, got disheartened, broke the diet, felt guilty, ate more, felt guilty, ate more and so on.

I never believed in low carb. I had heard about it and thought--as many people do--"poo.. Eat a whole chicken? With skin? No one can do that and lose weight. No one."

We are trained this way. Fat eaten HAS TO create fat on the body, right? seems not.

so i found this site:


then I watched this video:

(it's long but VERY worth it, particularly the biochemical explanations)

and my jaw dropped open. Wow. this went against everything--everything-I'd been taught about how to lose weight. But it made SENSE. For decades I'd been wondering why--now there are more diet foods than ever, people are fatter than ever.

I did research. A LOT of research. I investigated WHY this worked. What happens basically is that once you starve the body of carbs, the body will start using fat to fuel the body and that's how you lose fat.

So I tried it. I was sceptical--even after all that research.

And the weight FELL off. daily.

This is what I ate yesterday: Eggs, bacon, mushrooms for breakfast, Whole rainbow Trout with Broccoli for lunch, Grill steaks and cauliflower for dinner. Whole fat milk in my tea, whole fat yoghurt with SMALL portion of fruit for dessert. A snack? No problem. I grabbed a couple of bockwurst. And today I weigh four pounds less than I did yesterday.

So, I celebratin'. I hope this encourages you!

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Hi Erastes,

Fast weight loss is a real bad idea.

Recommended rate of weight loss is 1 to 2 lbs, max 1 kg (2.2 lbs) a week on average. True in the first couple of weeks most peoeple lose weight faster due to fulid loss.

To lose weight significantly faster is to expose yourself to a number of potential health risks which is why Very Low Calorie Diets should not be undertaken except under medical supervision.

The simple reality is that people do not gain naturally weight/body fat suddenly and that their bodies take time to adapt to increasing degrees of overweight/excess body fat. And the reverse process works pretty similarly - the body needs to adapt to the changes caused by a weight loss process.

Apart from that I would, broadly-speaking, agree with the sentiments of the video, though perhaps tempered just a tad by the need to function within the society in which I actually do - in this day and age - live.

I do seriously support the idea that we are 'modern people in cave-dwellers bodies'.


Good Lord, I can't believe this forum, I thought it was a place where people would encourage each other, and I've posted twice and have been shot down in flames - twice.

You'd think people would be happy that someone who has been trapped (granted by their own fault) in a life threatening fat suit for decades has finally found something that works and has lost weight. The only reason I'm losing fat this fast is because I am nearly 400 pounds, I can't exactly tell my body to lose weight slower. when i get closer to 20 stones, I am sure the weight loss will slow to 1-2 pounds a week, and i'll be happy with that

If you think that people can't gain many pounds in a week, then you are wrong - how do you think I got to 400 pounds plus?

I'm NOT on a very low calorie diet - if you had read the post you would have seen that.

Yesterday my calorie intake was 1558

the week before was:

1,5601,7322,5761,9512,154respectively. so hardly LOW calorie. It's the lack of carbohydrates, plus water loss - i have vastly swollen legs with edema - which is causing the fast loss. and that fast loss - although I know it won't continue - has encouraged me to continue.

Shame you can't do the same, and be pleased for me


EVERYONE NEEDS TO WATCH THIS! I have just spent time and watched this video clip right through and it confirms my own gut reaction that we are being totally mislead by food manufacturers and almost force fed a lot of rubbish. Thank you, Erastes, so much for giving us this link. I now feel a strange mixture of feelings. Anger being the dominant one! I think he was right - do your own food preparation if you can and avoid the sugar and refined carbs. I hope you are able to put into practice what he preached and do your own food. Thanks to you and good luck on your journey! Makes a lot of sense doesn't it?


I looked too, its interesting


Erastes firstly a big congratulations.

And to Doikosp what do you define a very low calorie diet as?

Would the person's own starting weight and BMR not have an influence too on what were a suitable calorific intake.

>> Recommended rate of weight loss is 1 to 2 lbs, max 1 kg (2.2 lbs) a week on average.

As far as I am aware this is intended to be a peer support group not an expert group where rules are being bandied around.

As far as I am concerned there are no rules. So if someone radically alters (for the better) their lifestyle is it unhelpful and unkind to criticise them for losing whatever the resulting loss is. It might well not be sustainable at this rate.

Perhaps it is also fair to say that this speed of weight loss is not a result of a very low calorie diet and is probably not possible is you are only a few pounds over a BMI of 25.

In addition people should listen to their body - if they feel more energetic - that's a good sign if they feel chronically fatigued that's not good.

I think that they are as many ways to lose the unwanted body fat as there were ways to gain it so find what works for you.

I suspect, deep in the small print of the generic guidelines for the 1 to 2 lbs max it will mention a myriad of reasons why a higher and lower figure might be appropriate for an individual when combined with all their own individual factors. It you probably also only apply to the "general population".

The edema alone if something is causing the swelling to reduce en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edema could easily explain the dramatic change in weight.

In addition to the potential unique individual factors each person has - I suspect the hight the starting weight the greater the scope for unusual figures for the first few weeks perhaps 3 months. If the person does not feel well or has any concerns they should, of course, seek medical advice!

Also worth going back to the doctor if you are successful over time and lose a significant amount of weight sustained over time - as any medications might well need to be reviewed to ensure they are still appropriate to your new body.

Live and let live and encouragement to all ...


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