"Don't touch the cheese!"

HELP!!! Feel hungry today, more than I have been (am week 2, day 3) and have really, really been fancying a cheese sandwich and chocolate bar- my mouth is watering as I type! So scared of succumbing, have had calorie quota for today. Finding breakfast and dinners ok, but lunches so dull. It's always been my fave meal of the day and I hate having Ryvita and Philly or carrot sticks and humous. Any ideas??


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33 Replies

  • Hi penguin 77. You have my sympathy. I love cheese too - the stronger the better! I do not buy it unless I am having visitors. The other way I cope with the withdrawal symptoms is to allow myself one meal a week where cheese is the prime ingredient and thoroughly enjoy the cheese cooked. You could try adding some shavings of a strong cheese like Parmesan, so you've had the taste without the loads of calories.

    I also struggle with ice cream. I have been known to demolish a whole litre in the middle of the night - why? I know it is bad for me!

  • Hi Beek... I also (used to) LOVE ice-cream, but now have a tub of TOTAL GREEK YOGHURT ZERO FAT at the ready in my fridge always, so when I hear the ice-cream cart passing by - I go and get myself a helping of Yoghurt and put on a CD. So no longer am tempted with ice-cream! \ Good idea about the cheese which I have just noticed you have now suggested in the cooked version, as I shall be having some frozen veggie lasagne today.

    The GI foods are also a good idea - essential really - oats in the morning and oatmeal biscuits for a snack with a bit of humous or avocado spread over them, bearing in mind portions.. I have this as a snack sometimes - or at night which is my dangerous time..NB Avocado is highly calorific - but extremely nutritious - so I permit myself one every Saturday for lunch!

    Have you tried Frozen Mango Smoothies? They are 98cal each and take a while to eat, and are very satisfying?


  • Hi again. Have you looked at low GL foods? They fill you up for longer. You need lots of tasty add-ins like soya sauce. It is hard, I know but try to stick at it because you will feel a lot better once you've got used to the better way of eating. I promise you will!

  • Thanks Beek! I'm a bit of a cheese fiend too- love cheese and biscuits on a Saturday night, watching crap tv and like you, all kinds! The foods you mentioned sound like the 'fuller for longer' range from M&S. Had one of the lunch packs on a picnic yesterday. Was ok. Do need to think of some good lunch ideas. On a positive, definitely feeling healthier and SLIGHTLY lighter...!

  • Hi again Penguin: I presume you are still working? What about getting a roast beef sarnie with tomatoes, and finish with an apple? You can also have this if at home all day... That is EVER SO TASTY - and horseradish is quite low-calorie compared to any other spread./ An alternative is a prawn sarnie with brown seeded bread - or wholemeal bread if you have not made one at home. Try to have some protein with every meal, as that will fill you and expunge the cravings in time..


  • Is needing lots of salt-laden processed food a better way of eating?

  • Love cheese and biscuits any time, me! At night - after a decent meal - I go 'hunting' in the cupboards for stuff to eat. I can't in all truthfulness say it is because I am hungry. I just like eating. I like doing it! Daft really. One lunch I like and is dead easy to prepare. Buy a tin of butter beans and a jar of tomato puree topping flavoured with Basil, or peppers and olives. Warm the beans and add the puree sauce. Makes 2 good lunches. Tasty, easy and with a couple of oat cakes is very filling. (With a sprinkle of Parmesan - of course!)

  • What are the reduced fat cheeses like? And I don't mean cream cheeses! I actually hate butter beans :-( I was thinking of wholewheat pasta and rice with whatever? I do love oatcakes, already fed up of Ryvita!

  • i don't go for any of the reduced fat anything. (I do avoid sugars) Those foods are plumped up with too many additives! I use butter, whole Greek yoghurt, all that stuff. I have once had low fat cheese and the texture was a little 'floury'. Suppose the taste wasn't too bad. I find the best way is to avoid any convenience foods and do your own cooking from scratch. Easy if you have the time - not everyone has.

  • Hubby and I used to til food prices rocketed and wages didn't! Will look at some recipe ideas- thanks!

  • I have some lunch ideas :) I find hot lunches more satisfying

    How about a two egg omelette- use spray oil, two eggs, but remove 1 yolk (the fats in the yolk and protein in the white) some wafer thin ham, spoonful of chilli or garlic soft cheese, mushrooms.

    Half a can of baked beans or mushrooms on 1 slice of multiseed bread or 2 slices nimble

    Can of three bean and chilli soup ( is it just butter beans you hate?) or one with lentils

    100g chicken breast (microwaved) on salad or salmon on salad - salmon and chicken can be miked for about 3 mins - it's nice with low fat soft cheese for extra flavour

    Pitta pizza ( I freeze weight watchers pitta breads and wraps individually) with Parmesan

    Last one!

    Cous cous ( Make up a pack of the hot and spicy one from Lidl or similar and use a 1/3 rd per serving - finely chopped Tom, cucumber, spring onion and dollop of cottage cheese - just mix it all together - this is also good with chicken or salmon and is very filling and can be eaten hot or cold.

    I only get a half hour lunch break so these are all super quick to make :)

    Hope it helps :D

  • They're all a massive help, thanks NineChooks! ;-)

  • Glad to pass them on :) also if you need a choc fix, try an options or highlights hot choc - only 40 cals - the coconut one is my fave!

  • Very useful info NineChooks - I did not know one can microwave chicken breasts - I had better change my on-line order for thighs to breasts. The cous-cous idea is also brill. Great to hear all these suggestions!


  • Thank you for your ideas. I have printed them and will deffo give them a go.

  • Great minds- bought 4 Cadbury's and 4 options sachets last week- yet to have the coconut, saving it! Cadbury's hazelnut is nice.

  • Are you eating enough fat? Sounds like the foods you want are foods that you may subconsciously identify as sources of fat soluble vitamins.

    Of course, if you crave them that might be a different matter; often cravings indicate a food intolerance.

  • I know how you feel. I also love cheese but so does my hubby so I have to buy it. He does try hide it at the back of the fridge, but I know it's there. I have a picture of my self at 11 stone and one now at 14 stone on the fridge. It just makes we curse the fridge for being so mean! If my husband is in the kitchen I'm less likely to cheat. I guess that is embarrassing.

    The things we do.

  • Hi Penguin77 - I have a healthy breakfast, drink lots of water, have a Protein Shake (Vi-Shake) for lunch, piece of fruit for snack, healthy dinner (meaning lots of greens/salad with added lean protein. Since I started on these shakes about 2 months ago, my body is happy and balanced for the first time in years!! I know I am getting all the vitamins and minerals I need + soy and wheat protein which in combination helps to reduce fat and even to build lean muscle (of you exercise, that is!). Feeling really really good. I strongly recommend it.

  • Mmmmm sounds great - and it has worked for you!!! Thank you for sharing this. I am going to check on the Protein Shakes now.

  • Have a look at visalus.uk.com - there is information and also a short video telling about these shakes. I am actually getting mine for free...because I have 3 of my friends using them as well! Let me know what you think - I order them through that website.

  • Thanks M... It looks good, but will also try and persuade 3 friends to join with me, as otherwise a bit expensive for something one has not tried? They don't give the ingredients and being on meds I need to check if compatible. \ I'm all for proteins and keeping up healthy habits. You look as though you have cracked the probs! Well done!!

    Marguerite (no longer depressed!!)....

  • 'No longer depressed!!' That sounds not just good, but GREAT!!! =) =) I've got all the facts too...www.shake.vi.com - there's a factsheet. Also check out Youtube at

    Audrey Sommerfield is one of the people who created this shake and she answers the most common scientific questions. I also have samples you can have. To try it out. =)

  • Thanks so much Maryam! You are so positive, which is lovely... And only a very healthy person can feel as good as you do - and look so good in addition!

    I shall check the info you mention on youtube also - and have copied over your emails.



  • Such kind words =) Have a look - Im here to support you!

    Warm wishes

  • Thanks :)

  • Yes years ago in the 1970's , My Doctor said when you feel hungry have a small chunk of cheese and a glass of slim line bitter lemon...this still works for me.

  • Hi Penguin77 - Many of us can empathise with your craving for cheese, and I also never keep this in the house as it is so more-ish - apart from FETA which is very unmore-ish to me.. When I get a craving I think "SUBSTITUTE, DELAY, DISTRACT & MAKE UNAVAILABLE" as advised on this site - but we must make it an automatic style of thinking until we are well and truly INTO healthy eating.

    What I do to enjoy a little bit of cheese is to have a VEGGIE LASAGNE and the cheese in and on this satisfies any craving and also the supply is finite!

    Maryam123's suggestions are also good... Thank you M.

    Good luck and have a good day - and trust you have not succumbed... Week 3 has always been known as "quitters week" - but if you have, STOP NOW, and go for a massage or plan your next holiday? D.

  • Hi Angel

    These few tips were from my dietician and they work for means I have mobility problems and find it difficult to exercise.

    Draw a circle the size of a teaplate, then draw a line through the middle of the circle deviding it into two equal sections, then draw a line through 1 of the halves to make 2 equal parts. You should have 1 half and 2 quarters.

    The largest portion is for vegetables or salad.

    One of the smaller portions is for protein, if you don't eat meat have quorn or similar, but if you do eat meat you should have red meat twice a week to help your body produce red blood cells.

    The other smaller section is for Carbs, wholegrain, wholemeal, seeded, brown and jacket are the best! (sweet potato is a vegetable not a carbon! Shhh enjoy!!!)

    Last of all check out the blood group diet, it tells you what foods are toxic to your body, what foods are medicine for your body and what foods to eat normally.

    I am blood group O negative and found out I'm wheat and dairy intolerant and I made the few changes it suggested and my psoriasis has nearly all gone off my face and scalp! After only one month and I felt better after only the first week! I am not bloated and I have got smaller tackles! Hee hee

    I hope it helps, take care and angel blessings

  • For lunch try the fruity winter salad recipe on the NHS website. Just a coleslaw made with cabbage, carrot, red onion, apple & raisins, but dressing made with low fat soft cheese and fat free yogurt. I have been taking for lunch. It is very filling, takes half an hour to eat and very low in calories. As an alternative, I take a small salad of rocket, tom, cucumber, onion, radish, etc., and then pour over a tin of sardines or pilchards in tom sauce (the spicy tom sauce is also good). Again it takes a while to eat, tasty, filling and low in calories. Good luck!

  • After reading the beginning of the post just before lunch - I had to have cheese! I really savoured every mouthful. I had a green salad and 2oz of cheese which I grated. With a peach for pudding, it came in around 339 calories only. There was so much cheese - so, grating it is the way to go!

  • 2 plain rice crackers with a Laughing Cow light, Blue cheese flavour triangle instead of cheese and biscuits. Add some tomato and cucumber slices.......my favourite evening snack 100 cals the lot!! 1 oz of cheese grated goes a long long way too (100 cals again)

  • Tescos sell half-fat mozzarella cheese - nice melted on toasted pitta with tomato puree spread, wafer-thin ham and cherry tomatoes with a sprinkling of basil & black pepper.....yummy lunch!

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