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I am finding maintenance far harder than I imagined. Don't know what to do really. I have lost three and half stone and am determined to keep it off. It is just harder than I realised. I walk for two hours a day with dog. I have joined the gym too but by the time I walk the dog for an hour. I have a 20 min walk to gym I am tired by the time I get there so can only manage 30 mins of really half hearted exercise. Any tips on maintenance welcome. I have been looking around and I think the meal snack meal snack meal snack might work for me I have perhaps not been eating enough then eating too much.

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good luck!, not at maintainance yet but hoping to experience very soon, the trouble is I quite like my eating regime so will probably drop a class a week or just add a few more calories (empty preferably) in the form of gin ;) I could carry on with this slow weight loss for ages though since I will be at the top of my BMI so according to charts I could lose another 2 stones plus and still be healthy!!!


Hi, thanks for reply, yes that is what I did I kept with my diet as it was easier than trying to stop but my bmi is only 19.9 now and I love it but I dont want to drop any more or gain and staying the same is hard. I love cooking and eating and although I dont mind the diet to keep my BMI at this level I can only eat about 1200 calories a day which is sometimes quite limiting. I really miss my booze but I have found if I have a drink portion control is out the window. I weigh the same as my daughter now, its rubbish being older she can still eat whatever she likes. I only have to look at the crackling on the roast pork to put on pounds. I agree I dont mind my eating regime but the rest of the family dont want or need to follow it so it makes for quite unsociable mealtimes. Good luck on your journey too and happy gin drinking you cant beat and lovely G and T x


Hi and well done on your weight loss! I think maintenance is far harder than actually losing the weight and always struggle with it. If you're doing a lot of exercise it does make sense to increase the amount you eat for the time when you go to the gym so you're able to exercise for longer.


Hi, I'm also struggling with maintenance- I miss the buzz of weighing in a Tuesday and seeing how much I lost, ha ha, and really savouring food- and I'm a bit obsessed with weighing myself. I'm kind of fluctuating between being very strict and very lax- or maybe i just feel like i'm being lax because I'm used to being very controlled now :/

Maybe you need a new challenge?

I've given myself a weight range to stay between so I can relax a little and today I completed the couch to 5k, which I am very pleased about. Maybe ditch the gym, it doesn't sound like you enjoy it that much - take up the c25k with the dog, I run with mine and they love it, I run thru the woods- no one can see me then, it's fun and I find jumping over puddles and logs keeps me focused :)

You've done fantastic to get where you are, let yourself have a G&T if you want one :)


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