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Mid week crisis - point to note - take thy own advice

Having a rather off week - just not on the ball with my usual concentration - don't know why - bored maybe with watching everything I eat. This morning- early start and kids to sort - so not highly organised usual self. So lunch ended up being a sandwich grab at sainsbrys - i looked carefully at the calorie count - and was horrified - so got a chicken wrap....and a packet of sorren malt loaf (yummy). The chicken wrap wrap and malt loaf came to 760 calories - yikes - I couldn't bring myself to just eat it. So looking slightly mad i peeled off as much of the wrap as I could and scraped all the butter of the malt loaf. I guess i might have got it down to 500 calories - but still just goes to show how calories can mount up. Sound like some obsessive - i probably looked it - but feel satisfied i can now eat normally for the rest of the day.

so back to plan plan plan

Weigh in friday - not holding much hope for any weight loss - holding steady will be fine :-)

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Good luck with the rest of your day!!! x


Well done for reducing the calories - having to buy food out is not easy! Look forward to the weigh in on Friday. Good luck.


I sympathise with the sandwich thing- we have a work lunch on a Friday and I'm always ranting about the calories in a the sandwiches- more than a roast dinner sometimes! How do they manage to cram them all in those two slices of bread! Ha ha!

When I get bored I find googling ' low calories dinner ideas' gets me enthusiastic again, I spend a lot of time these days doing this :)


Hi suzybenj,

It's all part of the journey - these sudden points of realisation.

I was astounded a couple of weeks ago to discover just how many calories were in a pretty small bag of cashew nuts. Weight for weight, you might as well eat a bar of milk chocolate!

But, rememeber you've learnt something here too which will help to guide future food decisions for you.

Good luck with your weight loss journey.

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Are you seriously saying the macro nutrient content of the food - milk chocolate vs cashew nuts is of no concern to you!


Hi Angel

Eating healthy is always a struggle when you don't have time to prepare it in advance, as you said it all looks healthy until you read the calories in the small print!

These few tips may help.

Draw a circle the size of a teaplate on a piece of card or paper, draw a line through the middle of the circle deviding it into two equal sections, draw a line through the middle of 1 of the halves to make 2 equal parts, you should have 1 half and 2 quarters.

The largest portion is for vegetables

Then 1 smaller section is for protein, if you don't eat meat quorn or similar, if you do eat meat it should be lean, and twice a week you should have red meat, to help your body produce red blood cells.

The other quater is for carbs, wholegrain, wholemeal, brown or seeded are the best and of course jacket! (sweet potato isn't a carbon it's a veg!! Shhh Enjoy!!!)

If you laminate it you can let your kids help you plan your meals and they will pick it up easily as it is visual learning!

Lastly check out the blood group diet, it tells you what foods are toxic to your body, what foods are medicine for your body and what foods to eat normally.

I'm blood group O negative and found out I'm wheat and dairy intolerant! I made the few changes it suggested and my psoriasis has nearly all gone off my face and scalp! After only one month and I felt better after only the first week! Less bloated and smaller tackles! hee hee

I tried some normal oat biscuits this week to see what happens and next morning red patches on my face!

Good luck your journey and let us know how your doing, we are always here for you.

I'm a big believer in angels and I have asked them to watch over you and guide you and your family.


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