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Food diary does help!

After my last post I decided to start a food diary, which has helped me keep on top of what I am eating and see where high calorie foods sneak in!

I've noticed that on average I'm having 1500 (ish) cals a day, which is not bad at all. There's still room for improvement on the types of food I keep eating. But it's getting there!

Add in the 3 runs a week, and that's where my 2lb loss has come from this week!!

Found an interesting video on YouTube, about what 200 calories actually looks like, thought you might appreciate it. Enjoy! :)

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I've been keeping a food diary since day one and, even though it's a pain in the a**e working out calories, weighing etc, it really does help to see in black and white how each meal and daily intake works for each day. Well done!


I've used a food diary from day one too. I don't weigh my food or count calories but I know by looking what kind of a day I have had. I have so far lost over three stone since the beginning of the year. I also record at the bottom of each page how much exercise I have done that day. If I had to choose one tool that I think is the most helpful it has to be my food diary. At the start it actually encouraged me to stick to healthy snacks as I didn't want to have to record unhealthy choices in my food diary.


Thanks Bunjamin for the link - that is very interesting and brings home what most of us know but it really helps seeing visual examples. I use Fitness Pal for my food diary - have done for a long time and find it very helpful. Good luck all on your journeys.


download the myfitness app on your smartphone or access it online and it calculates all the calories for you and monitors your weight measurements whatever you want, you can also sync it with facebook etc and follow your friends progress really helps when everyone can see your diary makes you more inclined to stick with it and dont forget you can have a treat now and then


Hi Bunjamin,

Oh boy can those 'naughties' just sneak their way in.

My weight loss has mainly been attributable to me chucking the junk out or my food intake. I mean the fatty/creamy, the cakes, the chocolate things to go with a cuppa, the fizzy drinks, fried food generally, sweet and sugary stuff.

And whilst the loss of the last wee bit to a 'normal' BMI is being elusive, I am about 25 kgs lighter than when I started in mid-January.

But in all honesty, the only way to lose weight properly is to really look at how you gained it and stop doing those things. So any insight you gain into the reality of what you are eatinig is an additional weapon in your armoury against being the excess weight.

Good luck with your weight loss journey.


Thanks everyone for your tips and support!


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