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Still here!

Well I haven't shifted those last couple of pounds or so, but my routine has been rather interrupted by having to spend two days driving around the UK at short notice.

What with the motorway and trunk road services (and those lattes to keep me awake!) and the disruption to my routine, I put back on 2 kgs. (and, no, I wasn't scoffing the "naughties"- just sandwiches and resonably sensible stuff.)

Which suggests to me that a lot of this weight loss thing IS about getting into (and staying in as much as possible) a good healthy sensible moderate eating regime. Even a bit of a wobble away from those good habits seems very capable of causing a significant issue with the weight loss.

Good luck with your weight loss journeys, folks.

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Glad to see you are still going, lattes bad boy! Weight loss detention for you ;)


Break in routine is massively challenging when losing weight, probably the biggest cause of people "Falling off the wagon!". Glad to see you managed to find a way through it fairly unscathed, I am sure you'll have that 2kg off in no time.

I second Prin's sentiments about the Latte's though, lol :)


Hi Doikosp,

I bet those Latte's tasted great though?

Just think of it as a learning curve, it makes you realise that it doesn't take much before you can fall into bad habits. I bet as I'm typing those kilo grams are shifting.

Look forward to your next blog.


Strictly speaking I think black coffee would keep you awake.

I think it would be possible to have breaks and nutrition that enhanced weight management but the easy option is a latte and a sarnie - you never quite know what they have sneaked in there.


Hi Doikosp :)

i think that our body needs to adjust to new, lower weight. After a diet and weight loss kilos are coming back easily, but after several months oscillation are smaller and weight is more stable. What I wanted to say is that most of us will have to watch our weight through the whole life, but after some time the regime does not have to be as strict as it was during weight loss and stabilization period...


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