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A nightmare month, but now I am back!

A month ago, they arrived! The window installers, the builder and the tiler for what should have been 10 days of kitchen renovations and building work. Then the british weather struck delaying the window installer which delayed the builder, etc etc. a month later they have all gone and I finally have my kitchen back. Living in dust and mess on takeaways and convenience food is not good and my stress levels have been sky high (as has my blood pressure, anxiety levels and appetite). I will not weigh or measure until next week because that would be the final straw - I know I have gained weight.

It's good to be back in control of what I eat and I will be getting plenty of exercise this week redecorating.

Think I was on about week 9 a month ago so here goes -

week 10... I am ready.

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Welcome back TT :)x


Yes well come back - best of luck for this week.


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