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3 weeks under my (shrinking) belt!!

third monday weigh in and to my delighted surprise I lost 700 gr (1 1/2 lbs?) and an inch off my waist. this is despite slackening in my diligent calorie counting, and still no exercising! I used to run to the computer daily, log into food focus, checking the calories of everything I put in my mouth, just to be sure. often I was 100 cals over the limit, but at least I am aware, and my brains said 'beware!'. so, 1500 or even sometimes1600 cals a day, still works slowly for me. I am not complaisant. I know every weight loss will reach a plateau after a few weeks, so I will keep on watching what I eat, and not be smug. this blog helps. and th diet definitley is worth sticking to! on on..

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Well done - if it is working don't change it :-)


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