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Week 1 complete , Now week 2 tomorrow !! :-)

im feeling really pleased with my self i have lost four and a half pounds this week . It's a good start of my journey and more to come . Im pleased with myself and im sticking at it. I told my brother and he is really pleased for me and he promised not to make fun of me anymore and help instead. (That's a first ) I have txted my mum and cant wait for her reaction.

Tart :-)

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Well done :-) . Make any changes enjoyable, so you'll want to stay with them.


Well done. I'm weighing in tomorrow after my week one and hoping for a similar result, although I did have a meal out (with wine) last night which had been planned for a while. Other than that, I feel great and can't believe how much energy I have. All the best x


well done and congratulations. keep at it :-)


Well done that's fantastic x


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