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Fell off track but getting back on


Tfirstly I'd lost allmost a stone by using this site, I love it. Peoples individual stories and tips are so inspiring. Anyway I'd started to get into really unhealthy eating patterns again. I am a type 2 diabetic so this is really bad for me. I have put on *round 3 pounds in weight so as of today I'm getting back on track. For breakfast I have had some choice gran crackers with some low fat cheese slices. However it is sunday and I will and cannot miss my dads roast but I will have a smaller portion. From tommorrow I will have crackers for breakfast with a healthy filling and the same for lunch. I will continue to do this untill friday. I will eat a healthy balanced dinner of quorn, one carb and 2 veg which I can't stand but will do my best to eat. I love fruit so eating 3 of those is not a problem. This time I will incorperate excercise into my week which I never did before. However I did do more walking. I am goin to try the gym tomorrow after a long time away. I am going to. Try a yoga club on wednesday and gym again on friday or swimming. I am not going to plan any more excercise as I know the above is acheivble. Good luck everyone x

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The most important thing you can do to improve your diet is to keep your carbohydrate intake below 40g at each meal


Thankyou sooo much concerned. That is really helpfull. I have now saved the info on my phone. I actually didn't know about this but I think the list of foods and carbohydrate quantities will help me hugely. Thanks again x I very much appreciate your help

I also have a night out in a couple of weeks which will hopefully help me to keep on track

Well done and keep going. I had a meal out last night (with wine) but choose healthily and only blew my total by 200 calories, which I'm making up today. All the best x

Ty corriander, I can't believe someone is congratulating me. Woohoo feels soo good lol. X

DipperRestart July 2020

Well done, keep up the good work!! x

Ty dipper I am going to try hard. I have even fpund my self an excercise buddy which I think will help hugelY.


Good luck

Thankoyou tallguy. I did a workout today at an outdoor gym then walked home by the canal with a friend. It was so nice.

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