Friday weigh -in-Week 11 - so nearly below the 12 stone line

Had a pretty good week - and feel cheerful. I was really hoping to dip under the 12 stone marker today - but alas not to be. I have lost 1.25 pounds which brings me in at just over 12 stone. The milestone I have managed this week is to lose 5% of my body weight - that is 9 pounds - so jolly good for me.

Onwards to the next milestone - below 12 stone and then 4 pounds away from a stone.

Will keep you posted


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9 Replies

  • Well done! :D

    For me it was getting below 11 stone, now I'm there and aiming for 10 1/2 stone.

    Your rate of weight loss can slow down if you've been at it for a bit, but you will get there.

  • it hovered at just under 12 for ages but since I passed it on Monday I have lost another 1.5 pounds :)

  • That's brilliant news, well done!

  • I weighed in this morning a 9st 12lbs. It taken me just over three weeks week to lose a 2lbs. So well done on all of your achievements. I have another 12lbs to go at this rate it will be all gone by the winter.

  • You're all doing so brill- big inspiration to me! :-)

  • great! a little every week, that's my aim too. hoping to reach 60 kg by the end of week 12. it is week 4 and 63 kg at present. so if like you guys I can lose a pound a week, I should get there in less than 10 weeks

  • awwww well done to you all. I'm just about to finish wk 2 on sunday and will weigh in on monday. fingers crossed. xx

  • Last week I lost 1.5 lbs which I'm really pleased with. I'm on my second week now and seem to have found a bit of determination from somewhere. Maybe it's all those clothes that are hanging in the wardrobe that I can't get in to any more? This 12 week plan should take me up to just before my holiday and save me buying new clothes in a bigger size......result all round :)

  • Thanks everyone for the the support it means a lot. Creeping towards friday - still hovering on 12 stone!

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