carbs and cravings and maintenance

I lost my weight eating high protein low carbs, eg eggs for breakfast and protein and veg/salad remaining meals. I found the hunger from this diet really easy to live with. I reached my goal weight but kept loosing. Have tried eating low GI carbs porridge, brown rice, rye bread. This have given me terrible carb cravings which I have mainly withstood, but also low blood sugar after lunch regardless of when I have eaten them. I have put on 4lbs which I wanted to as I was too low. I was only 8st 2 and starting to look ill, so that is fine but am wondering long term can you eat a diet without any grains in or how to avoid carb cravings. I have tried eating protein and carbs together but does not seem to help.


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7 Replies

  • Funny you should mention this, I have been experimenting with not eating wheat for a couple of months now, replacing wheat based breakfast cereal with Porridge Oats and traditional bread with a Rye Bread and I have noticed the opposite where I'm getting no carb craving at all, so much so that I'm really pleased about it. Of course it could all be just psychosomatic! Anyway I appreciate this does not answer your question though.

    You say that you have low blood sugar after eating and are still craving, are you sure that your are eating enough? Try increasing your meal sizes a little each day to see if that helps.

  • Thank you for your reply, I wonder if it is psychosomatic too. I think it is just because I really enjoy the feeling of eating comforting porridge, I wonder if this is why I crave it. I am at the lower end of my BMI maybe I should have a bigger bowl of porridge or use it as a healthy pudding even and see if that helps. Yesterday I had lunch then had a small bowl of porridge before I took dog out in the afternoon which is usually when I have low blood sugar and it did help, I think maybe I need to eat a little more carb perhaps instead of fruit to snack on.

  • It is recommended that you get 55% of your calories from carbohydrates. So I think a bit of carbs in your diet will do no harm. Of course, lower the GL, the better it is.

  • Hi! I can't eat carbs -no potatoes,rice,pasta,bread,cereals,etc.I've been off them for 5 years.They give me bloating and flu-like symptoms.Eat smaller meals more frequently such as a few almonds or other nuts and seeds.The key is to maintain your blood sugar levels.Fruit is full of sugar so it will not keep your blood sugars as stable as a protein.Look at The South Beach Diet-I lost 5 stone on it .It is a diet devised by a doctor for his patients with diabetes and cardiac problems but it works for anyone.It is on line and there are free recipes and a forum for discussion.I feel so much better now and have maintained my weight loss-apart from when i over eat ;( -long wet winters and no exercise make one fat! Back on track now!Good luck!!

  • Hi earthgelf

    Many thanks for that will certainly look at that....I love nuts so that would be great for me.

  • Try eating more natural fat; not processed and not man-made.

  • Thank you, but as a family we do not have any processed food, I make everything from scratch including bread always have. We do not have any man made fat either. My parents were both wonderful home cooks and teaching me to cook has been the best gift they could of given me.

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